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How to Co-Create New Spheres and Cycles in Life and Living

All are welcome to my web site, and to learn all about the inner mental and nucleus of aboriginal Q Personal Innate Hologram Star Light World Sphere. These drawings and Sphere thought the process will help you, and your family to enjoy a better way for life and living. The innate natural mental Star World Hologram nucleus has  powers, energy, images, and equations are normal
. Also, you can summons holography energy, and spirit helpers in your world in life and living. It is a place that is holistic, alive, has holograms to integrate life an living and a way of be-ness. 

"Thank you for visiting us, visit us again."
Re-create Your Mental and Physical World in a Light Sphere/ Ark Hologram
The Q Personal Innate Starlight World Hologram Sphere is very powerful. It is used for healing, self, family, protection, meditation, rest, repose, your totality, repentance, relationships, faith, home, to enjoy life and living and help other people with life and living. If it is used for any other propose is will automatically shut-down, and, back-fire on the user.
"Your personal Star Gate Sphere Hologram World  ( Aboriginal ) is in you it has a body, mind, soul, and spirit. It is the real you before you became too much of a social implant."
Your Other Self in the World Ark
"We are coming to an end of a age, and, beginning of the Aboriginal Age."
"Q-netics - A Personal Hologram Rite of Passage in, to, from your Star World."
Hologram Healing, Meditation, and Spiritual Drawings - up dated
"In the now and the future people will plan life and living, praying, meditation, do healing process and spirituality more in circles and cycles of a Hologram Multidimensional Spectrum.
Local and Distance Healing

Q Healer Helpers

For Seekers

All people are born good, the problem is, the unclean spirits and negativity spirits, intrusive thoughts, and forces are in the air from the "past" they are trying to take roots in people's personal worlds and their home. 
Always remember, possession is nine-tenths of the law. We will help you with this problem in the future.

Please share this important message with other people and groups.

Into your Personal Visionary Voices from the Twilight Dimensions
"Q" hosting Visionary Multidimensional World Ark for Life and Living.
Screenplay Query Letter
"One Crazy Week"
Murder In The Church
Q Island Investigation

For most people, this is a Q "True Personal / Innate Cross" to guide them through life and living.  
If you believe in this Cross, often repeat to yourself Cro-en-to-me-um-ma daily.This Cross is from the Masters of Life to you before you were born. Let this "Cross" be in your heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit always.   Print out copies for each room in your house. Also, carry a copy in your wallet. Give your family and love ones a copy to carry with them. This Cross is called Ankh, read more about it on the Internet.

You are sons and daughters of the Q's GREAT LIGHT
Remember and ye shall be free.
Stay not thou in the shadows.
Spring forth from the darkness of night
Light, let thy Soul be, O SUN-BORN,
fill with glory of Light,
Freed from the bonds of the darkness,
a Soul that is One with the Light.
Always remember

 "Q" is a better way towards Life and Living in world Ark. Become. come "Children of The Light not darkness. Join my meet up group. You don't have to live in New Jersey to join my group. My group and home page name is -  The Shrine / Temples Healing Meet Up Group of New Jersey.

Learn a better approach to Life and Living for you and your family with our group information, drawings, and exercises hope to hear from you soon. .Our Group is - The Shrine / Temple Healing Meet up Group, North Wildwood, New Jersey.

1. Q Shrine / Temple of Light Builders -  Why you should have a Q Shrine  / Temple. As we look around our world we see too much corruption in government, churches, news, TV, movies, reading material, and most organizations. We  go to these people for help and guidances in life and living. Since there is to much corruption in them, we must seek greater powers for help with our problems. Q Shrines / Temples powers and forces are more than religion. They are our created innate powers ( hologram ) to help change life and living  With Q Shrines / Temples we communicate with our natural / innate power and forces to the Creator ( direct ) asking for help with marriage, home, children, thinking, doing, fear, actions, emotions, guilt, loneliness, relationship with others or any other problems..You can go to the outer world corruption or create a Q Shrine/ /Temple of Light in you. You and Q Shrine / Temple are one, and live in each other You came from above integrated in a Q hologram for life and living
 Choose wisely what powers and forces you use for life and living, if not, it could be very costly in the end.

What you need to know about a created Q Shrines and Temples World Ark.

'Q" Subject : Perishable and imperishable Faith, marriage, love, God, Lord, hope, home, heaven, living, life, and other subjects about life can be perishable and imperishable.

Most people live in perish-ability in their thoughts, thinking, wants, conversations, actions, doing, and life style that is why they are not happy. "Q" Shrine and Temple of Light Builders take you into imperishable dimensions. Q Shrine / Temple of Light can be physical  structure or mental or both. It is a rearrangement process of your inner and outer real worlds.

  The "Q" Wave in the Future of the World Ark. " Q" Shrine / Temple ( Q/S/T ) of Light is your created innate home dimensions for healing, health and communication ( from above ) with unseen forces to guide you and your family in life and loving. Q Shrine / Temple is also for protection, meditation, cleaning, detoxify, for personal needs, creates .innate power in the home and living in the Now, You can create a physical or mental or both in your Q Shine / Temple.   
Your personal home Q Shrine / Temple of Light is your created Star Gate, Path Way,Time Warp. Renewing your inner / outer ( hologram ) Multidimensional worlds. The Q/S/T of Light changes the vibrations, frequency, and cognition process to higher levels in life and living
Ask your great grandmother or great aunt or some one who has a shrine in their home about the effects of a Q Shrine / Temple. The powers and forces in the Q Shrine / Temple is in you and in your home. It is your twin world alter state to visit your control centers and collective be-ness.

Always remember Q Shrine /Temple of Light is you and you are the Q Shrine / Temple. It's a created gift from your Creator. Use it or lose it. Remember what the Lord said, "Go into your house to your Q Shrine / Temple and pray to my Father who is in secret for help,. and, he will give you help in secret."   "Q" mean your original innate powers / forces that you were born with from the Creator to insure a better way for life and living on earth.

Keep in Mind: Your Q Shrine / Temple of Light can be a created kingdom, domain, sphere, ark, covenant, make-over, restoration of, sanctuary, existence or a place of rest and repose. Each person has their own Q Shrine / Temple style, creation and process. It protect you from darkness and chaos in the outer world.

Remember, When you build and create a Q Shrine / Temple of Light in you, the purge people and their friends will think twice before they try to enter you. If you also have Q Shrine / Temple of Light ( the physical one ) in your home, you'll have double protection with powers and forces to help stop the purge people and their spirits to get in you.
All people were made in Q Shrine  / Temple of Light time/space dimensions from Above. When we were born we fell in the Shrine / Temple of darkness in the earth. People have to use the Q Light powers and forces, not Q darkness in life and living. 
The Lord said, "I am The Way, and, the Light to the beginning.".He was not talking about religion, he was saying our ( our rite of passage ) original powers / forces to enjoy the true meaning about life and living. If you stay in darkness, you'll never see the Light. 
More of my comments about life and living at my home page address at  - Dominic Nocito Face Book USA.

"Q" words of Truth. Get it right people. Wake Up. We are not animals nor humans on earth. At birth, we are and became extraterrestrial spirits, be-ness and Light in earth's upper "Sphere Land" in earth's paradise levels and dimensions to enjoy life and living.
That is the true Creator's "Will and seeds in us on earth a place we call our second home.
Years ago, He sent his "Son from Egypt" to save and remind us that we are extraterrestrial people in "his" earthly kingdom, domain, and world. Men and women divide themselves the way they think, talk, do, act, and believe. This negativity and actions in us create the "fall "into chaos and dark dimensions below Flat Land. Be careful what you say and do daily, if not, you'll live in chaos and darkness for the rest of your life. Wake up to the Truth in you from the true Creator's earthly words and world. Please share the true Creator's post on earth to others so they can "Wake Up too."

"What or who is Hosting powers and forces in the Ark are you using for life and living ?"
 Call in secret to your inner Lord's mind and ask him about the seeds he planted in you and the world to harvest. He will answer you in secret.
In truth, the year 2020 is a Official/Authority Hologram Web Site Meta-hosting powers in the Ark. It is a "Q" Star Gate World Center (( "Q" )) within the earth and in you.
The "Q" World Hosting is for all religions and all people. It is a personal sphere, another world, and island existence created in you before your were born.
Our Rite of Passage Hosting is powerful and has forces to use for the true meaning for life and living on earth. 
We offer "Q" Hosting invitation for all seekers who seek the true meaning of life and living. Also, this "Q" dimensions are for all people and all religions who want a new - way to the future. When the Lord was born so was the Star Gate Hosting Ark from his Father's ( God  ) house to earth. This is when the Heaven and Earth kissed to re-new  the joy in the Above and Below for life and living. You must seek that which hosts and Ark in your true life and living
Before you can use this Star Gate Web Site Hosting/Ark powers and forces hosting Ark, you must first go to the link below  to get permission and be initialed into the Star Gate [process to use the powers of this web site pages. Also, our other web pages will help you to get out of the entrapment of the un- clean, unseen,and evil spirits in the world. Use the link below..

Food for thought from "Q" World Ark. Out

of Egypt the Creator sent his Son and his seeds for thoughts, thinking in spirit and matter to know about the true meaning for life and living on / in his Father's world we call earth.   Also, he brought food, drink and clothing into every thing and every one in the world.   A lot of people see it all sowed in them, and in the world, few people take the time to harvest the fruits of his seeds in them, and, the world.

                                                        "Q" authority World Ark speaks ..
                                "Q" Subject : How to pray and do meditation the right way. 

Most people don't know how to pray or do meditation to the "Divine Forces and Powers for help with problems and how to be happy in life and living. Most organizations of religion, priests, groups, and people don't know the real way to summons the invisible entities in them-self and around them for help. The wrong way of praying  or meditation "does not" get much or good results To be continued ....

Don't miss my next post on how to pray, it will change the way you pray and meditate forever.Please share this information with others.

Automatic Empowerment and Initiation from ( E. ( @ )  T. ) Meta-Egyptian Temples in the year 2020 will hang some people and their world. These transformations process will be with powers and forces, energy, mind sets, spirits, new images, Heka words to renew life and living, also for protection, and add living equations to them. These"Q" spectrum powers and forces will come out of Egypt's Temple's invisible powers to help people with "auto" changes in or life and living on earth. These Egyptian Temple's are your natural  and innate powers to use in life are in you.

.  What will be affected by the ancient Egyptian Temple's powers and forces.

     A. Time, space and all events in the past to the future. All people living and the dead. Spirit and matter. Also thought, thinking and total cognition.

2.. Who will be affected by these powers..
     B.  Every one.

3. Why it wilt happen to people and earth.
     C. People have abused the original and true principles for life and living on earthy. They must change the way they living or they are doomed to a life damnation. Time and space will reverse on peoples mind.


How will it happen.
     D. In secret and the invisible worlds in people's mind.  
5.  What you need to do to invoke the temple's help for life and living. 
     E. Write your own empowerment and initiation statement for the Temple's of Egypt. Close your eyes and through your Heart's time warp travel to the Temple's of Egypt. At the Temple's alter place your request for help. Return to your present state of mind and wait for the results from the Temple's of Egypt to you. It could take days or longer for the Temples powers and forces to react to your request for help.
It will happen for some people starting in the year 2020
It will start by Ancient Egyptian Temples Quantum Invisible powers to reactivate Realignment, Light in them,Restoration, Original "Q" forces and powers for a Make Over, and New Mind Sets in a spectrum to renew life and living on earth.
"I'm talking about the Hieroglyphics and images of powers and forces on the walls that will vibrate and change frequencies to help people in the year 2020."

It is start of the end of an old age, and starting of a "New" ( Q ) Age, not by choice, but a necessity for the natural Laws of a continuum for life on earth.

"Q" Personal and Private transformation Process from "Q" for any one -- World Ark
The New Age Meta-World Ark

In truth,by "Q" authority and ( E. ( @ )  T. ) Mata- Ark exercises is for forgiveness in life and living. Exercise in the World Ark: Power of Empowerment and Initiation from the Lord's "Q" into the innate joy of the Spirits, Lights, Q-matter, and Bio-Holograms that Rule Life and Living in and through the Heart dimensions in you on earth.

Most people when they go to sleep go into a dreamworlds of accountability by the "Spirits and other powers" to the Kingdom of Laws of Rightist Living, and its true principles. In these inner four dimensions and spectrum of Rightist indignation they are warned, get bad feelings, don't sleep good, told of their future, fall into chaos and darkness for their daily activities on earth. They don't wake up refreshed for another day.

Be careful what you say, think, and do daily, if not, you'll be punished in your dreams and stay in chaos and darkness like state in the morning and throughout the day.

Empowerment exercise of "Q" admission of errors and mistakes will take you to the Restoration ( alter state to delete intruding activities ) through your Heart to confess your errors and mistakes against life and living, your self and other people. Also for the errors in the past events and actions in your life.
"Q" Admission and Restoration ( it is not religion ) is what you need to do before you fall a sleep in bed. Do this natural process and you'll sleep better, feel better, and live better in your daily life.

I will go to the invisible "Temples of our innate E.T. parents" in real time and mind sets who is in secret to ask help for you with your Empowerment of "Q" Admission and Restoration and open a gateway to you from them.

Your "Q" Admission of errors and mistakes and Restoration is in real time, and can be done at any time during the day This anew process is also a Decoration of Innocences, and your inner Spirit Spectrum gateway to and for a better way of life and living. The lord's E.T. So Be It. Amen.

Often do this exercise below a bedtime, in the morning or any part of the day in your Personal Ark.
Innate Power Codes to use with "Q" Egyptian Temples/Ark process  
A  Invoke Rite of Passage Code is Re-of-pas-ag-um. This creates the right to use "Q" and the multidimensional.
B. Invoke Protection Code is Po-te-dom. To do the process of "Q" also in exercise # 1
Note: Instead of repeat all codes in the above each time you use "Q" Egyptain Temples just say the code, "Q"-trum-ma-now. It will activate the A, and B codes
You can also use "Q" Power Codes A, and B in the above letters to protect you, your family and home. Just say the code or codes than say in secret, "I summons "Q-trum-ma" for help. Tell them the problem. So Be It. Amen.
You can also use "Q" Power Codes A, B, in the above to protect you, your family, and home. Just say the code or codes than say in secret, "I summons "Q-trum-ma" for help. Tell them your problems. E.T. So Be It. Amen
Create a symbol or drawing for your Ark. You can use ours at this link -- Ours
Create a symbol or drawing to use with the above exercise.# 2 You can use our symbol and drawing at this Link ...Ours
Keep you requests for help short and simple.
Tell others and groups about this important Home Page
"Q" Power Hosting/Ark for the morning, afternoon and evening
House of Hosting
Open of the Mouth
Go Forth by Day
Self and Family
Under construction
Going Forth by Night
The year 2020  Authoritative Hologram web site Meta- Hosting and Arks has wings to goes around the world to help people.
Text will be added soon
Under construction
Drawing area
You do these instructions through your Heart Dimensions Arkand in secret
The year 2020 is Star Gate Web Site Hosting/Ark. Also, the year Invokes and Initiates the true spectrum of Extraterrestrial ( E.T.) Arks Powers and Forces for people.
Text will be added soon
Text will be added soon
Text will be added soon
Text will be added soon
World Ark exercise to do before go to sleep, in the morning or any part of the day.
You have E.T. "Parents" Ark is in your Heart
A  Alter Code is Al-ta-um  after a brief admission or request vitalize you placing written or oral on the alter of your faith.
Text will be added soon
Drawing area
Your Super Starter Code __________________ Print section out and enter code to start / activate A, B, and C codes.

 Feast of a Joyful Reunion in the Meta Arks   "Who is hosting you and your family Magical, Joyful, and Hologram year 2020 ."

E-n-ter-bo-aut-a-men Meta-Hosting for Life and Living
Inside the the Ark
This home page is under reconstruction to include a person and their family in a Personal Art
By way of authority you enter a Personal/Original Bio-Ark and Sphere. 
Information / Instructions for Health and Healing
Information about the Personal Bio-Ark Sphere
Meta-Personal New Ark
To be or not to be
Through and in the World Ark
With the Ark
Codes for the World Ark
More instructions soon
In the Now
 "Q" Way of Authority
A Better Way
Natural Bio-Initiation of Four powers and Rite of Passage 
In side the Star Gates for Integration life and living
New Dimensions
Sleep/wake up


The Way
Auto of
Mind, Body, Soul,and Spirit
Past Present, Now, and Future
Last up dates 5/4/20
Auto Erase / Clear / Raise up
New Time,Space and Events
Tempers and Sanctuaries
Unity and Holograms
Spheres Living
The Way-New Earth
Hosting from Above / Remove curses
Close your eyes and visualize in your inner mind, body, soul and spirit being cleaned, and detox. Than, say in your innate mind, "Ark-tre--um-ma open says me to thee to activate thy Ark."  You can call on one or all four Arks for help to integrate them or unite them in your life and living. Also in the Ark drawings are the "Children of Light, the Hall on Amenti" and other powers and forces to try to help you. 
1, Using the drawings will take you into another time, space continuum to integratie your life and with problems. The powers and forces work on their own time dimensions to help you.
2. In your  heart stare at your Ark drawing for about a minute, then, close your eyes and in secret go through your "Heart" with your mind, body,spirit and soul with your own "Faith's" name  into the nucleus of the Ark / Covenant time/'space sphere drawing to ask for/to intergrate your life and living. It is that simple.

Flat Land living

Other problems

Old Lower World  -  Lower Earth

In Truth

Alter State of Spirit/Matter
Upper Earth
Upper World

Joyful / Curses

The Light
Other Ark's symbols ->
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1, 2, 3, 4,

This Ark and Covenant hologram is for you, your family, home, spirit, and materialistic world
Mental storms
Your world in a multidimensional world Spectrum,  Mentality, Nucleus, and Unity
Image /Time Travel
Door / Path way / Circle
Other Symbols -->  Click here
3. Use the above drawing anywhere, any place and anytime in secret in you
How  often
What to say
Most of the stories below are in book and screen play format
For any "One" who seeks the original way for Life and Living
You can use the Arks drawings for each person in your family and put it in their room
Morning, afternoon, evening and bed time or as often as you like.
In you own words or religion for intergration of life and living or for personal problems.

A person in their own mind, own way, and own faith should celebrate Life and Living every day more in true inner Spirits, in a higher energy levels for good thoughts, deeds and actions. Than, they will have fewer problems in life and living

Y-ma-by-The Powers of Empowerment-of-da-um
"Q" Code  E-a-so
"Q" Code Sto-pa-be-u
Enter through the Heart's dimension

Lower Dimensions

Upper dimnsions

Above, Below, Inside, and Outside
We are creating a Sister web site called Q Island Healing Center 2
New web site main menu is --  The Source.