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How to Co-Create New Spheres and Cycles in Life and Living

All are welcome to my web site, and to learn all about the inner mental and nucleus of aboriginal Q Personal Innate Hologram Star Light World Sphere. These drawings and Sphere thought process will help you, and your family to enjoy a better way for life and living. The innate natural mental Star World Hologram nucleus has  powers, energy, images, and equations are normal
. Also you can summons holography energy, and spirit helpers in your world in life and living. It is a place that is holistic, alive, has holograms to integrate life anf living and a way of be-ness. 

"Thank you for visiting us, visit us again."
Re-create Your Mental and Physical World in a Light Sphere Hologram
Warning -- The Q Personal Innate Star light World Hologram Sphere is very powerful. It is used for healing, self, family, protection, meditation, rest, repose, your totality, repentance, relationships, faith, home, for enjoy life and living and help other people with life and living. If it is used for any other propose is will automatically shut-down, and, back-fire on the user.
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"Your personal Star Gate Sphere Hologram World  ( Aboriginal ) is in you has a body, mind, soul, and spirit. It is the real you before you became too much of a social implant."
Your Other Self
"We are coming to an end of a age, and, beginning of the Aboriginal Age."
"Q-netics - A Personal Hologran Rite of Passage in, to, from your Star World."
Hologram Healing, Meditation, and Spiritual Drawings - up dated
"In the now and future people will plan life and living, praying, meditation, do healing process and spirituality more in circles and cycles of a Hologram Multidimensional Spectrum.
Local and Distance Healing
The Wave of the Future
Help support my web site. Buy my stories ( below ). There is no murder, rape, killing, profanity and hate in any of my stories. Better books, stories, and movies = Better People.

In The Beginning

For Seekers

Food for thought .... Return of the Lord.

"This Christmas the Lord will again come from Egypt. This time he will appear in spirit ( Q-ma engrams ) in the hearts, and minds of people who believe in him. This renewal ( hologram ) of principles ( I'm not talk about religion ) is about the true meaning of  love, faith, hope, morals, grace, marriage, family unity, women and men unity, relationships, and enjoying life and living on earth.
If this is an issue or an inherit problem for a none believers of these principals / engrams of the Lord it is due to their ignorance, mental mismanagement, too much of a social implant, and forgetfulness of their true innate powers in them.
If people choose not to accept the Savor's Powers and Principals engrams for/ in life and living from above it will force open again the gates of hell , guilt, depression, shame, the trap, and torment waiting in the unseen outer world dark dimensions in life and living from the past."

Food for thought ... The warning
"As proclaimed from above, the wave of the future will be a holograph for live and living from above in sphere land for some people. The low landers people will fall again into chaos / darkness. Time, space, and events will reverse a downward cycle in them."