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Please visit again for updates / design changes
Please visit us again for updates / design changes
You can not make any changes or renew life and living unless you mentality re-create these events in spirit, image, and energy forms in your upper / inner mind Q Personal Star World spectrum hologram.
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Ra - to- ma
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Bed Time

Before you can use your Bio-Remote's ( see below ) to text message or mentality contact and activate Bio-Star World mental hologram process, and enter into the dimensions of Star  World, you must first be given the Rite of Passage, be Initiated, empowered, given a make-over, sealed in the new mental powers, given wrist bands, and a Pearl to be a member in Star  World.

The initiation by your own free will you now enter into your Personal / Innate Q-netics spectrum. Relax for a few minutes, and enjoy the powers in and around you. When you are ready to continue, say, "Star -World-um-ta." Let your whole be-ness go into Star World's hologram altered state in you. Put your hands together in any position. Close your eyes, and visualize you are walking through ( a rite of passage ) the Q Star  World entrances.
Inside the Star World sphere, a Star  World keeper woman in a black rob takes you to a crystal pool. She tell you to take off your cloths, and dive into the pool and get the pearl and rise bands at the bottom of the pool.
You come out of the pool with the pear and engraved wrist wands. The Star  World woman gives you new cloths and a rob to put on. It has symbols on it.
She then takes you and seats you at a round table in the middle of the temple.
As you wait for something to happen, you hear ancient musical instruments playing, and smell the burning of incense in the air. You look at all the statues and alters around the room.
In the Star  World Temple a man dressed in a white robe approaches you. You hand him your text request for empowerment and membership to Star  World domain and dimensions.
He places your Q-netice's card Rite of Passage on a the Alter of Light near you. As he does, spirits surround you holding candles.
A woman in a blue robe walks over to you, and tells you to close your eyes, she draws on your forehead a triangle. On the top of it is a cross and in the middle a heart. Then, draws images on both of your inner hands.
Then, she puts her lift hand on the back of your neck, and the other hand over your heart. She peaking in tongues. Next she then places both of her hands above your head. A rainbow of colors descend from the Star 's sphere. The colors go in the inside and around you.
As she puts a gold and silver crown on your head, the images on it glows, she says in a ritual voice as she hands you a triangle box with bio-remote's in it, "You are now a resident and part of the Bio Q Personal Star World multidimensional ascending and descending worlds. You are now  authorized to create with our super powers to renew, rebuild, repair, and restore life and living for you and other people. Also Star World is for rest, repose, your worship, healing, rebirth, and connections to Star Gate worlds. So be it. "

There is a flash of light in front of you, you open your eyes and you are back in your house. You are now a different person, living in a different time / space continuum. You look at the two wrist bands with symbols on them. You look at the pearl reckless around your neck, and the bio-remote box on your lap, your Initiation into Star World is done.

Another way. You can create, design, and draw your own mental Q Personal Star  World process. Then, put meaningful words, symbols, pictures, inner drawings, and equations in it for your-self or your family. You can use your Star  World design for changes in life, meditation, prayers, protection, faith, home, job, or for any other area of your life that needs changes.
With these new drawings you are creating an active mental hologram, and adding another mental dimension of action in your mind and life.
Go to your draw program in your computer, and try it.

Instructions 1 how to use your Q Personal Star orld mental or text powers.
Bio-Q-Personal-Star World Mental and Physical Powers
Keep in mind that a Bio-Q Personal Star  World is multidimensional mental process of spirits and energy. It has upper and lower spectrum of rays, lights, images, and Q powers. The design of Star  World nucleus and mental process can descend or ascend powers to forms, thoughts, emotions, and feelings in you  It can also create in your mind sphere, cycle, domain, kingdom and a place to worship your faith.
You can also use these mental powers to protect you, your family, your home, body, soul, mind, and spirit. Also it is a place of spirit, and energy for rest, renew, repose, and a place to heal. It is also a place to solve problems.
With your innate powers, principles, images, vital forces, spirits, energy, and equations ( Star   World Mental Process ) you can renew life and living in the "now and the future." The aboriginal / innate / mental  Bio- Q Personal Star  World nucleus in you is from the Creator it has powers of rays, lights, cycles, words, energy, and sphere are in your mind, body, soul, and spirit worlds to use and enjoy in life.
When you open and activate powers ( Star   World mentality ) rays, spirits, images, and energy will descend into your Centers of Powers in you, and it will help you re-create a new and more joyful life and living.
Also these innate and descending mental powers, spirit, energy, and equations will raise you and your family above all the trash, low lifers, darkness, and chaos in the outer world and low land.
Once you activate your mental Q Star  World Nucleus process powers and principles, you can use these powers for meditation, enjoy life, healing and prayers. Also you can use your mental powers of spirits, energy to do distance healing. Also help you change your ( New Age ) thinking and cognition patterns.
It is your mentality, principles, reasons, and equations that renew what is right in life and living in your Star  World Bio-centers. It will cause in you to glow with hope, love, joy, and faith for a better in the "Now" and in the "Future." It re-create of life and living by spirits and energy.
These mental powers of spirit, principles energy, and equations centers in you is where you get your joy, soul and spirit back from the outer world. This is where your heart and Star  World's true powers, images, true equations, true mental principles of joy for life and living. It is alive, holistic, hologram, and integrated way of life.
If you do not renew what is holy and right for life and living, your lights, powers and equations ( old age )centers will be filled with darkness, fear, guilt, shame, depression, and inner chaos from Flat Land and Under world lands, they are places that stole your spirit and soul. This is the heart of the outer world, lower ( old age ) powers, and default equations and principles. It de-create life and living.
Be careful what you say, watch, believe, do, and read, it will full your mental centers with light ( upper ) or ( lower ) darkness in life. 
Seek a better way in life and living in the Upper Mental Dimensions with your personal "Star  World" nucleus process, and it's spirits, energy, principles, images and it will find you. 
A way to renew  life and living in the now and the future
Your Q Personal Star World

We were born from the upper mental Q Star World process, and fell down to the earth's lower mental star Worlds content and context traps. We need to recreate / renew life and living that loops back to the upper Star orlds mentality again.

See Initiation, Rite of passage, and Bio-Star World Drawings below
Re-create Your Super Mental and Physical Worlds Again

How look in side the circle of Your Bio-Q Star  World it is multidimensional, and inner locking network process. After you fill in the information inside the Star  World, you activate your own inner super mental visionary descension and ascension process. Also your remote's.

First, print out there Q Star  World drawing to your printer, fill in the information in star World, Now, enter your mental thoughts or text message into your remote, or you can write on a piece of paper write what help you want from Star  World.

It is time to start  your communication with Star  World. Sit in in a comfortable chair or lie down on floor or bed. Breath deeply four times.
Now click both of your wrists bands together. Rub the pearl on your reckless, then say, "Q-ra-to-a-ga-sum," keep saying it until you feel you are in an alter state hologram in front of your eyes.
The hologram iris is closed and music from ancient instruments are playing in side it. The hologram iris opens, a voice says, "Well come to earth, solar system and universes Star  Worlds. Enter your code name and code number on your remote," You do it. 
The hologram iris closes.
 A rainbow of colors encircle the hologram in front of you, the iris opens. A woman and man in white robes motions you to enter their hologram, you travel with them in a time warp to inside to Star World temple.
As you enter the temple, another person in a robe approaches your with a gold plate, she tell to place your thoughts, remote or what you have written on the plate.
She takes the gold plate to circle temple's alter that has 12 statues with star Worlds around them that are closed. 
As she places the gold plate on the alter all 12 iris's star World on the statues iris's open. Spirits, image and energy emerge circle around you, then enter you.
Suddenly, all the iris's on the statues close, spirits, images, and energy fields disappear. A women in a robe walks over to you and hands you back your remote from a silver plate. She gives you a ring that has the initials S/W. She says, "We have received your request, we do thing in / at our own time and place on earth. Your request for help from us will be fulfilled."

You close your eyes, then opened them - You are back on earth.
You have completed your first contact with your Personal Q Star  World. Now, you'll use only your Remotes to contact your Star  World.

Instructions 2 on how to use your Q Personal Star Gate World and Bio-remotes
Your multidimensional bio-remote's has hologram screen to Star World
Meanings of Bio-Q-Star World
"Anyone can learn how to use Star World -- simple instructions soon."
"The keys to unlock, and open, the Star World, and go inside to the dimensions is right in front of you."
"When you go through your Star World you enter into another time, space, and events continuum."
"It is the dawn on the New Age of Aquarius, and, Star World powers, nucleus and equations."
"There are three types of earth Star Gate World's to live in - Bio-Q-Star- World upper, middle star gate, and lower star gate."
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Code Number
Your Name
Code Number
Your Name
Code Number
Special Remote
Warning --Our Bio-Q-Star World is very powerful. It is used for healing, self, family, protection, meditation, rest, repose, your totality, repentance, relationships, faith, home, for enjoy life and living and help other people with life and living. If it is used for any other propose is will automatically shut-down, and, back-fire on the user.
Soon -- Instruction on how to use your bio-remotes for Star World. 
Code Number
Code Number
"In the core of your Bio-Q-Star World is Heka it is creative energy and powers to bring into existence changes in life and living.
Also in the core is Hekau it is powers of words to create changes in life. Use the Gifts or lose them."
Gifts from the Creator
"Your personal Star World in you has a body, mind, soul, and spirit. It is the real you before you became too much of a social implant."
Your Twin
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Living more in Sphere Land
Living more in Sphere Land
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Q-netics - A Personal Rite of Passage
Q-netics - A Personal Rite of Passage