Where is the Real You

Life Coaching Meet Up Group of North Wildwood, New Jersey

A World Wide Meet Up Group

Q 1. Are you really what you see in the mirror? - Yes and no. It depends what you see, talk about, and do each day with your self and other people.
 The mirror is a reflection of your inner and outer collective mind cycle activities.

Q 2. Do people try to tell you tell who we are? - That a big yes. Try to do what is right in life and living, then, you don't need a second option from other people.

Q 3. Are you the same person you were years ago. - Time never changes, things and people change in time cycle.

Q 4. Does TV. and other media make us who we are? - Yes. To much of crime, murder, violences of any kind going into your mind will damage your hopes, dreams, esteem, self image, wishes, and believes cycles. 

Q 5. Are we a social in-plant? - Mostly, however, your freedom is in you and your Light powers centers and cycles in your mind.
Always remember, not to be the voices, images, spirits, and witness of the Hounds of Darkness, Chaos, and Night cycles. They seeks to be in you, and your family by day and by night.

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If you are seeking answers of who and what you are in life from other people,  you'll get all kind of different answers. Mostly wrong answers. 
In the morning when a person looks into a mirror they first see their physical image. If they look closer into the mirror, they will see their "Q" alter state ( inner light upper cycles ) of thinking and consciousness.

In this alter state of light, a person experience their internal multidimensional selves. They also witness the powers and cycles of their invisible holistic Parent's of Light, their Knowledge, and Protection for them in life and living. 

Also with these Light powers cycles a person experience the joy of the Living Spirits and Dimensions ( a gift of the creator ) in their mind. 
In this alter state ( cycles ) a person will know the invisible ones and guarding's are in them.  
Daily they experience true ( source of the all )  Light creation in them. I'm not talking about spirituality, but the natural living light spirits spectrum and dimensions given to humanity before they were born.

In this alter thinking, a person knows of their personal living relationship, and Will with the true creator. They also know that the invisible Ones created spirit before matter, and then united them both a hologram in them.

The creator made spirit ( male ) and matter ( female ) as one, then put matter into spirit, then, into human genes. This was done in secret before humans were born. 
This duality of super powers was done to insure humans had a double nucleus ( male and female ) for life and living. These unity of power cycles ( in secret ) are used in a no-default multidimensions in peoples mind.

In the alter dimensions of thinking a person knows their outer world domain, their car, house, furniture, cloths and other materialistic objects are perishable. Also know that their inner true spirits in them is not perishable, but immortal cycles. These unseen super powers rule over all time, space, and events in and around them.
In this spectrum of thinking, a person know that their materialism is very important in life. They also know that with out true spirts in materialism, it is s incomplete cycle. 

In an alter state a person always tried to balance spirits and the physical world in life. They know if they don't, they will invite chaos and a lot of unnecessary problems in life. Also, they know that imbalance in life can cause their Arrows of Time to start to go into a mental Armageddon in their mind, body, soul and spirit. 
They also know flesh and blood without true spirits in it, inherit nothing, it only inherit that which is from the living dead spectrum.                

A Light person knows all about the dividers of the spirits and the materialist dimensions in the world. To protect them self, they make daily visit to their invisible inner mind. They seek ( holistic ) Spirits in their mind for help, and protection in life and living.
In this natural alter state of thinking, a person uses their inner powers ( personal kingdom ) to see people, places, objects through the creator's eyes. They think more from the Living Spirit point of view of events
 around them. They see, enjoy, hears, and know that which is in secret in "Q" knowledge. 
With this knowledge they become Spirit + Matter + Spirit in loops and cycles in life.

They use these invisible sources and original powers in them for life and living.
Also they use these powers to unite the upper dimensions in them that preexistence before they were born.

In this spectrum of thinking a person knows that their powers above are like below, and the inside like the outside in the Master ( double - holistic ) Nucleus in their mind. They use these powers and spectrum to change life and living in them.

In this light alter state a person knows spirits without matter, and matter without spirits = nothing. They know a person can not love anyone, themselves, life or living with out true spirits in them.

The true equation for humanity is Spirit + Matter + Spirit = love cycles. In these mind sets domains a person inherits both male and female powers for love, living, hope, faith, and to joy life. These mind sets and powers unite all powers in life. The invisible gives life to matter, and matter gives life to spirits in a spectrum and multidimensions for life and living.

With the
 Unity of Totality in this state of thinking spirit + matter + spirit creates an invisible immortal marriage cycle in life. This makes a person holistic, extraterrestrial beings or "Q" super-human.

A person must choose the powers ( upper or lower dimensions ) to use in life and living for them self and their family, if not, others will choose the powers for them. Most people won't like what the other ( lower ) powers have chosen for them in life and living.

Who and where are you in life and living
Always go into your mind's inner powers and multidimensions of Light cycles for the true answers. It is waiting for you to ask, then listen for the answers.

Remember, you are, and were born with immortal ( Holistic / Light ) powers to create your own life and living. Know that the outer world is always trying to made you mortal by powers in the lower spectrum.

Also know, you are Light and Spirit born in a upper cycles each day. Also know that you were never born of the Hounds of Darkness, Chaos and night cycles.

Seek daily to be filled with Light powers and cycles with in you.
Know that your fears, guilt, shame, greed, sin, and other negative emotions cycles are human created, not the true creators will on earth.

So become of Sun and Light powers each day to come out of the negative cycles.
Don't blame anyone or any body for your problem, they too, were born into ignorances into the outer lower world cycles, yet they have light in them, but can not see it nor can they see through the vail of darkness and night in them.

Each (morning ) day, go into your holistic mind cycles. Go into your inner ( chamber of Light powers ) to your immortal self, to natural laws, images, spirits and energy spectrum powers for life and living.

Daily, strip off the flesh, and put on the Garments of Light cycles, and you will light up your world.

Also strip of your garments of ignorances, darkness, and chaos cycles, then you will rise into the upper mentality and dimensions of your Light powers cycles.
Sleep not in the under world cycles, but sleep in the upper mind Light powers where your Brotherhood and Sisterhood cycles are with you. They wait each night to guide and protect you and your family for another day and night.

Be the Sun of Light born each morning, and, you'll never live in darkness again.
Each morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime raise your self to the light cycles, also raise the special person in your life, and your family into Light and Sun powers.

Pray and meditation each day not in the lower outer world cycles. In your own faith call forth the upper world powers of Light in secret to guide and protect you. The Hounds of Darkness and the brothers and sisters of night will leave you.

Each day and night seek your invisible Parent's of the Light cycle in you for protection and personal needs. Let them fill you with their Light powers, and they will empty you of darkness.

Always remember, never let, seek or trust the Hounds of Darkness, Chaos, and Night cycles in the outer world for life and living.

Each day do every thing in your Light powers cycles and inner dimensions. The Hounds of Darkness, Chaos, and Night will not enter you, and your family in the day time nor the night time.

Always be on guard against the Hounds of  Darkness, Night, and Chaos, they are after you, and you family.
Call to your inner Light powers spectrum thinking cycles each day. These powers of protection will lead you and your family in the upper cycles and dimensions for a better way to live in life and living.
The way
The real you
"In the light we can see what we are doing and make changes in life and living. In darkness every thing is almost the same. In darkness we can not change many events in life and living. Light up your life with light."