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What Ever A Person Sow They Harvest
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Life Coaching Meet Up Group of North Wildwood, New Jersey

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Tell other people about your new seeds and harvest you plant in  your mind and heart every day. Help make other people better farmers with the united Creator seeds from above. 
Also, tell other people anout this web page.
In the beginning of creation there was two beginnings. In the upper worlds humans are immortal. In the earth below, life formed from dark waters of darkness, and chaos almost at the some time. 
Do to this error, and problem, the united Creator who rules the All has sent "Q" Savors to earth's dimensions and cycle through the years. These holy people helped and taught some people (  those who belive in them ) how to be like the above people, and dimensions on earth.
These "Q" savors also came to reminded Earthly of their innate abilities to re-sow and how to have a good harvest for life and loving.
We choose each day how, what, and where we plant our seed of powers ( in our thoughts, desires life style, our beliefs, relationships, actions, and deeds ) for the day in our garden of the our mind, body, soul, and spirit cycles.
Each day in the evening, we harvest what we planted for the day in our self and others.
Warning, each day be very careful of others people's bad seeds, and harvest. Often, they want to plant in you and your family their harvest for the day, if you let them, you'll have weeds and a dead harvest in your mind, and in your paradise world.
Bad seeds cause depression, guilt, fear and other negative emotions in life.
Always, protect your seeds, your harvest, and the store house ( home ) from your harvest each day. You'll have a good harvest every day for life and living.
Remember, you are the gardener, you choose the seeds for life and living for you and your family every-day.
Don't blame other people for your wrong seeds, and a bad harvest.
Also remember, that what-ever you sow in others, you harvest in your self.
Learn again to choose the right seeds in the above worlds and dimensions from the unity Creator. You'll get a good harvest every day that will last you a life time.
Say this petition and prayer request each morning, afternoon, and bed time to the above united Creator for help in life.
"Hear me great vital forces and powers seen and unseen in secret who rules over the day and night.
Grant unto me and my family thy wisdom, powers, knowledge, images and thy seeds and words for this day in our life - cycle on earth.
In thy cycle from above, anoint our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits daily to select the right seeds, actions, and thoughts that produce a good harvest for life and living. Amen."

You are a creator, your mind is a garden and paradise, what ever you sow in them and in life, you harvest -- is the Law of a Continuum.
You are like a farmer, and you plant seeds of life each day in your world. You  can choose seeds from our earth-paradise or the lower-earth seeds that contain darkness and chaos.
Good seeds in life and living always create a good harvest in life. 

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