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By authority from above, I am not permitted to show these final drawings yet -- delay.
"It is all about inner and upper multidimensional powers
Some of the meaning of the Super Future Symbols and Drawings for the drawings.
A -
B -
C -


This is the true source of the word, power, image, and spirit of any event.
Innate and inside dimensions in a person.
Connect to other loops and cycles inside and outside of a person.
D -
Means earth lines.
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E - SG - Star Gate.
F - IV -  Involution.
G - CD - Cross Dimensions.
H - BF - Back and Forward Dimensions.
I - ID -  Inner Dimensional Travel.
More ----
J - SD -  Split a Dimension.
K - BD -  Bubble Dimensions.
L - SSD -  Selective Dimensions.
M - CPD -  Cognition and Perception Dimensions.
The year 2020 restarts the New Age - The time for a personal and family restoration of the true original principles, preservation of them, and their spirits by natural laws for life and living.
In the now, and start of the year 2020 some people and their families will start a transformation ( original principles and powers ) of innate love, hope, faith, the light, protection, and grace for a personal restoration ( through no default powers ) for life and living. For others, the reptilian ( darkness ) people and their friends in the world, their days are numbered. Their mental mismanagement of powers leads them into the fires of chaos, the pit, and damnation. 
It is time on earth, the Great Creator's Invisible Spirits, Totality of the Beginning, Natural Original Laws, and the powers that Rule the All will return to earth with a vengeances because of Righteous Indignation on earth.
There is no mental escape of these events of judgment for some people. I am not permitted to tell you what will happen to the reptilian ( night ) people's mind, body, soul and spirit. 
I am permitted to tell you that these quantum spectrum powers of revenge will imprison people's reptilian mentality and images and then invert @  their structure and powers unto themselves and their families. These mental mutation beings and lost soul will be haunted and tormented by day and by night. Of course, they have rights to change and be protected from the revenges of blood and spirits for their blaspheme against the true spirits for life and living on earth. We all make mistake and errors against life and living, our self, family, and others - but, don't make it a habit, it is costly in the end.
In this day of this web page creation, it serves as a warning to all of the pending mental Armageddon around the world for some people. If people what protection ( light world ) from the reptilian ( under world ) attacks, they must meditate and pray daily in-secret ( with no default inner powers ) in their inner mind to their own religion, worship, and faith so the spirits of vengeances does not enter them, their family or home.
Hear yea, and heed this final warning about the Hounds of Night, Darkness, Chaos and their Friends ( shadow ), if not, it will be costly  price to pay in this world, and, the next world for not trying to change life and living or protecting yourself and your family against Them."
The Warning
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By Authority to Disseminate
Instructions  # 1 
Read my articles on my home page as you wait for my drawings.
Final Drawings
1. Seek imperishability ( Light Born ) in life and living in thy inner world.
Do in thee the above, below, inside, and out side in thy innate original no default mind.
2. Seek that which is lost ( Light ) in thee, and live again.
3. Make male and female one power loop in thee.
4. A women must seek the male consort and companion[power loopsin her to be make whole. 
See instructions 1,2 and 3 below
5. Men must seek the female body and spirit power cycles in them to be made whole.
6. Thee must became a child ( brightness ) again in thy inner world cycles.
Instructions  # 2 
7. Seek the truth and it will find you in loops and cycles.
8. Strip off the corruption and pollution in the outer world in thee.
9. The body and spirit loop must become one ( Light ) power in thee.
11. Meditate and pray in a secret loop, and, to will given to thee in secret.
10. Seek the true meaning of God and Goddesses powers cycle in thee, not of the outer world. 
12. Suffer ye not much from other sins and errors from people in the past.
13. Find the true self 9 ( no default ) powers in thee, that does not die.
14. Thee must be married again in the bridal chamber ( Light ) cycle powers in thee.
15. Thee and thy child must be baptized again in the Light chamber in thee.
16. Be ye not to much in the outer ( darkness ) world loops and cycles powers, that is perishable.
17. Thou are worth more than all the gold and silver thy can carry.
18. Know thy self and powers, thy are immortal ( Light Born ) and thee will not suffer nor die in the outer world.
19. Make the kingdom and powers thy home loops and cycles, and, thee will rule over the outer world.
If thee be a seeker of the 19 ( Light inner powers ) dimensions above in thee, thy will be happier in life and living as so proclaimed by your inner Parent's and Savor of and in your own faith.
If thee be not a seeker of these daily upper dimensions in life and living, the Hounds of the Reptilian World and their Friends will love thee and thy family to pieces.  
The Way
The Way
The Way
Use thy Visionary, Ascension, Descension, and Imperishable loops and cycles powers in thy inner mind and heart to protect thee, thy home, family, love ones, and friends from the Reptilian people poweres and their worlds.
You must use these drawings with your Visionary, Ascension, Descension, and Imperishable powers in your inner mind, body, heart, soul and spirit to protect yourself, your home, family, love ones, and friends from the Reptilian people powers and their worlds.
"As you wait form my drawings, do your own creative light power loops and cycles drawings for protection for yourself, and your family. These ( your ) drawings you create are in your Light inner powers, principles, and structures in life and living."
Each morning as you look at the rising sun give thanks for a new day in life, then, you don't have to worry to much about all yesterdays problems.
In the middle of the day, give thanks for all you have in life, and, the invisible ones will hear you.
Before you fall a sleep, give thanks for another day, your tomorrow will be a brighter day.
When you come to know yourself, you will become known, then, you will realize that your were created by loving vital forces to be happy and to rule over you own life, if not, you live in poverty in a reptilian world.
If you seek changes in life and living towards the original principles this web page will help you change your life and living now, and in the future.
Instructions  # 3 
How to make direct changes in life and living
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The Way
Always remember, what ever a person acts with malice intent or sends hurt towards another person, they inherit what they have sent to them.
Seek that which in the Light and you will never be in darkness.
Faith is more than a word, it is an exitence.
Seek and you will find the hidden ( no default ) powers in you.
The true spirits in life and living are immortal.
Don't follow a fool into the pit.
Make daily life and living more simple, and, it won't get complicated.
Seek true knowledge and spirits and they will find you.
These super drawings will be mostly in the 5 th dimension ( Light ) design, they rule over the normal 3 dimensional laws and physics in life and living. Yet, they are compatible with them.
Holographic ( Awaking ) Drawing area
Our materialistic world are gifts, they have a greater power and mean in our personal inner world.
This web page is going around the world in a visible and invisible spectrum.