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The Restoration
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Super Symbols for Meditation and Prayers
1. Print out and put the Symbols and Drawings in the above in every room in the home. Also, in the car and wallet, reduce the size for your wallet. These Symbols and Drawings will automatically start and activate the Restoration process in your home.
The Authorities of Humanity that watches over humans from above has invoked and sent their invisible super powers, angels, knowledge, and protection to earth again. They also sent voices of warning about the decay and pollution of the natural restoration in earth.
To help humans recover from The Fall, Lost, Divided, Dammed and the Decay in life and living, These Light powers sent restorators, consorts, and comforters, light, medications, and spirits that brought invisible food, drink, and clothing for the restart ( raised up ) of the restoration cycle in earth. 

The Authorities, also sent to earth special Spirits for Humanity to empower some people, the powers to do restoration activities on earth.
These  super spirits from above has opened a Star Gate and Gate-Way of powers for humanity to unity life and living on earth.
The Invisible spirits forces, their vital forces, energy, protection, voices, and spirits are in, and around most people. Waiting for people to let them into their mental centers in their minds, to use, and accept them.

At this time earth's star-gate light super powers have started descending ( final  event )  for the restoration for the fallen humans. They brought with them more powers, voices, angels, forces, invisible images, and spirits to help people ( lower human / animal mentality ) to change life and living.
Their mission is to help humanity rebuild, repair, restore, and reconstruct the true meaning of life and living on earth.
These humanistic spirit forces and voices will help raises people up from darkness and chaos of the lower creation in the world.
Those who believe ( The Restorationist ) in the Restoration again, will inherit light, the five seals, visionary ascension, silent voices, powerful words, and images from the spirits.
Also, they will have "Q" powers in their inner and outer spectrum of their mind, body, soul, and spirit.
People of faith in the restoration will enter the gate-way light, use it to unite living, and healing in "Q" multidimensional's in time, space, and events
In these upper dimensions and powers, the Restoration forces, voices, and powers will help stop or start to reduce 85 % of depression, guilt, loneness, shame, fear, worry, sin, sadness, and other negative emotions in life and living.
 In the world, there is the same old age ways of life and living for some people, and, the beginning of New Age of the Restoration for some people.

The powers know a person has free will, rite of passage, and birth rights to choose the Old ( fall ) or the New ( raise up ) age. They say, "What a person sows, they harvest." 
It is through personal meditation, prayers and a personal star-gate of light a person ( Super Humans ) is recreated, transformed, protected, and restored into a better way of life and living in a upper mental and physical existence on earth.

They ( the powers ) tell us there are four invisible Restorations of Lights, the Above, Below, Inside, and Outside at the same time in a unity principal. Humans are the Creator's greatest creation, he created us in and from his own image. 
They also tell us those who believe in the renewed restoration of life, will have eyes to see, and ears to hear, others who abuse each other, children, young and old, man or women, parents, America or try to destroy or harm human restoration will be mentally haunted and tormented by day and by night. Heed these spirits warnings.
Means a person can enjoy more of them-self, family, marriage, relationships, friends, faith, materialist world, life, living, the past, present, and future. A person can restore the process in them in a place we call earth.
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Drink of this cup
The new beginning
The other self
The Nazarene
Bridal Chamber
Instructions for Super Meditation and Prayers  
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Star Gate
2. You can one or more of these drawings for meditation prayers, petitions for the start of your mental exercises.
3. Stare at the symbols and keep saying A-u-ma or A-tre-um the consort or use both at the same time for about two minutes. As you repeat the word, feel the symbols entering your whole body, mind, soul, and spirit.
4. Then, invoke  or petition your own god, goddess, healer, or religionist image or person for your needs and protection.
See meditation symbols and mental process for the Restoration below.
Food for Thought
2. If a seeker seeks the Restoration in life and living, the spirits and forces will find them.
1. If a person put on garment of light they can never be trapped, walk or stay in darkness.
3. In meditation and prayer, ask for food, drink, and clothing from above, and, you will receive it, and live again.
4. All true religionist leaders in the past brought forth Light in the world, so people can see through darkness and chaos.
Pre meditation and prayer request to invisible powers.
Hear me great powers that Rules the All, grant me protection and guide me through my requests into your domains and powers.
Post meditation and prayer request thanks to the invisible powers.
Thank the powers in your own words for their help.
Important, before you do any meditation or prayers request or petitions to the powers give yourself another name. My name is Dominic, my meditation and prayer name is Dom-me-us. The reason you use another name is to by - pass most of your busy cardinal mind and activities, and have more direct communication with the invisible powers. So before my meditation and prayers I say, "I Dom-me-us request."
Personal Invisible Symbols, Drawings and Spheres
( You can create your own super symbols, drawings and spheres )
A Rite of Passage
A Rite of Passage
Also, when you meditate or pray do it in the Above, Below, the Inside and the Outside of you at the same time. It will take you into "Q"  holistic four dimension sphere and spectrum.
Print out this web page for future reading
"Knock and the doors will open"
"In a person's natural spheres, temples or kingdoms of the Restoration they control the all, and, the powers of in the outer world of darkness and chaos has no power over them."
"When a person goes towards the Restoration they start to strip off the outer world problems, perishability, and the Mental Armageddon now in the world."
"Hail thee great powers of the Restorator shine thy powers, energy, vital forces, and your images always through my ignorance, mistake, errors, sin, and other entrapments on earth. Raise me up in thy image. 
Hear me great powers of Light, grant onto me thy ( upper ) cycle of thy four restorations by day and by night. Grant and guide unto others a gate way towards the restoration." Amen
A Personal Gate Way
3. Un-to-ma
4. Pe-se-us
5. Pe-tre-a
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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.If you like, you can now use this Master Restoration Symbol for your meditation and prayers. It also can be used with the Master Invocations 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 below.
You can also use the other symbols on this web page.
See Instructions Part 3
Master Invocations of the Restoration
1. T-um-a
2. Sa-o-tis
Means the Source of Powers from Above and our Innate Powers in us.
Healing Codes
Invocation for the Descending Powers to Earth
Hail thee great Authorities of Humanity from above.Thy powers are of many names, faces and images. Each morning thy are the foundation, light and the House of Life for humanity on earth. I request to thy forgiveness ( erase ) for my earthly errors and mistakes in life.
Through my rite of passage ( raised up ) to thee, descend unto me thy descending powers for my restoration on earth. Fill my mind, body, soul, and spirit with thy descending proclamations of powers to renew my human Restoration. In and by thy authority grant unto me, my home, my worlds, family, the past, present, the now, and the future thy protections and guidances by day and by night in life and living. Amen.
Super Life and Living Affirmations Web Page
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"I by the Provence of creation, free will and choice, so reclaim ( raise up to ) the community of the Restoration of life in me. With and through the super meditation of words, prayers, light, and powers, I request and petition the start of the restoration again in me. Grant unto me in my body, mind,spirit, and soul the forgotten of the restoration. Send me my consorts, comforters and spirit guides.
Shine thy powers of restoration of light, thy invisible powers. image, spirits, energy, and vital forces on other people. Let them remember so they will know their birth rights, and rite of passage back to the restoration for life and living." Amen
Initiation back into the Restoration
"I by the Powers of the Light invoke the powers from super meditation, prayers, words, and "Q" powers of the restoration. Through this process ( raised up )of powers grant unto me daily protection.
 Grant forgiveness ( erase ) unto me for my daily error, mistaker, and let them have no roots in me. Bless my materialist world. In thy mercy, grant onto others forgiveness, and, guide them into the empowerment of the restoration."
Empowerment of the Restoration
If you want My Personal Invocation for You, Your Family and the World.
"Hear me great powers of the Living Light. We the people were born in the hellish, curses, darkness, and chaotic world not of our free will.
We all have inherited our ancestors error, mistakes, sin, entrapments, intrusive thoughts, andf damnation in the world. I bequest and petition thy energy inside and outside and thy vital forces to lift off this bondage ( erase ) of our ancestors from us and raise us up. Pull us up from chaos, and, cast a circle of protection light around us with your four restorations.
Grant unto our ancestors rest and repose in the restoration of thy light, they too were victims in the chaotic waters of the lower creation." Amen. 
"Hail thee great powers of light who rules over the day and the night. I request thee and thy powers of light to heal and protect me and my family. Raise us up from the darkness and chaos. Put thy circle of protection of light around us.
 Grant unto us always thy light, armor, shields, energy, and vital forces of protection. Always give us our food, drink, knowledge, and clothing from the four ( upper ) restorations of lights. Grant unto others the path-way of light so they can see through the darkness and chaos in the world." Amen.
If you want a Personal Invocation of Healing and Protection for You, and Your Family.
Please note In the above Master Invocations of the restoration 1 - 5, you can use them with any symbols on this web page. You can use one or more of the Master Invocations at the same for meditation and prayers.
Once you read and accept the Master Invocation 1 -5. Then, by authority, you can write your own invocations for your children, wife, husband, home, friends, parents, marriage, faith, relationships, or any other person with the symbols on this web page.
Read these Master Invocations 1 - 5 in and from your heart 3 or 5 times a weekly, and they will change your life automatically.
Master Restoration Symbol
Code Name
The Way
In some people now, and in the future, mind sets will become extraterritorial, not human.