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The "Q" Way
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This web page was created from a dream I has on July 4, 2016. That evening, I tried to think about my next article to write about the true way to live life. I fell asleep thinking of what to write.
In my dream words keep coming into my mind, The "Q" Way. Over and over the words repeated in my dream. As other information can into my dream, I now knew what I needed to write in my next article about life and living. 
Below is the content and context interpretation of my dream about The "Q" Way from an unknown sources in my dream.
The Wave and the Way to the future.
"Q" means -  Upper, innate, or original s ource of powers . Anything or place from which comes or arises or is abstained -- Origin.
Way means - Manner, mode or fashion.
Principal means -  First or highest in rank. Foremost.
A way to Innate Empowerment and the "Q" Source.
By way of definition
When a person looks around at our beautiful America they see all kind of sources for help with life and living.    to be continued ....
The "Q" Way
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Mental Power Mismanagement
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Only a person who seeks a better way of life and living will find it.
Delay with this web page - Working on new article "Do's and Don'ts with your innate energy and powers.