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The Purge
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By the power of the Totality, vital forces, spirits, and powers that rules the All in true now, in real time and in the year 2018 will start the preservation, re-new-ship and restoration of the True Principals, True Spirits, and True Equations for life and living on and in earth's paradise..

For those people who want change and protection in earth's paradise you must go into your innate inner mind and upper power dimensions, spirits, image, and light for life and living changes.  It will stop and protect you and your family from the purge, intruding of darkness, night, and illusions about life, living, and chaos on and in earth.

In this inner altered state of existence ( Q-netics spectrum )  the seeker will listen to your multidimensional inner mind, and heart on how to change your life and living. 

Also get into a good base personal growth, meditation, prayer or healing group."

Thoughts for thought ....

Soon starts the New Year. The question is, will people celebrate the new year in the inner Light or in the outer purge worlds. 
Choose wisely how you handle the year 2018 for life and living, if not, it could be costly
in end.
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