Some people will be shocked and traumatized of the mental death and rebirth of our world. There is no stopping of this transformation into the new cognition process of the world.
The New World 
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A lot of people won't even know it is happening. They will live and die in the old world.
This is not about religion
Your world will not be the same after you read this article.
This information for this article about earth's future came to me in my sleep dream world, and my alter state of knowing.
This information started in my sleep dream world on April 15, 2016
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On April 14, 2016, I woke up at 5 o' clock in the morning. As I looked around my dark bed room I felt the presents of some power and forces around my room. I did not see or hear any thing. I knew when I get these feeling of the unknown, something is going to happen to me today.
As I showered and make breakfast, the feelings of some thing near me persisted. Trying to shake off these feelings, I looked out of the window at my garden. Time to get the weeds out of my garden I thought.
As I was weeding my garden, I heard a voice call my name, I quickly looked around, I didn't see any one.
After weeding my garden, I went over to my shed to get my fishing and crabbing gear ready for summer. I heard foot steps near me, I quickly tuned, there was no one there. What is happening to me, who are these invisible forces trying to communicate with me.
At 9 o' clock at night, I was reading a book in bed about the Egyptians. Suddenly, I got very tired. My bed room seen like it was not real. I went into a deep sleep.
In my dream their was only darkness. I started to hear voices. Suddenly, voices started screaming, than, there was silence.
A few minutes later faces started to come to towards me from a spinning light dimension on the wall.
"Please give us anther chance," the woman voice yells. The spirits goes towards her. "I will change, I promise,"
Other people were running around as the spirits went after them. Other people were on their knees praying. "Please have mercy on us," a women shouted. "don't hurt me." Spirits entered her face and body. 
"No! Please leave me alone," a man begged as other spirits entered his eyes and mouth, then, take him and others under the earth.
Suddenly, the spirits turned towards me. They started talking in tongues ( languages ) I understood what they were saying. This what they said, "The invisible Mother, Father and Savior will forgive most of a persons sin, errors and mistakes in life, but, if a person continuously blasphemy against the spirits of love, hope, faith, grace, children, family, the home, your self, other people, marriage, and true life and living on earth will be condemn to a mental Armageddon. They will be taken my spirits and forces to a place worse than hell in this world, and the next world after they die.
The voices in silence will go around the world. Heed this warning people of the earth, if not, it will be very costly in the end."

So ends the content and context of my dream and vision on April 15, 2016. I have decided to make changes in my life, it is your turn to decide - the old or New Personal World Order.

Will mostly happen in our Inner "Q" mentality.
Bio-Vital Forces and spirits not of this world will rule.
This information is for all people of all ages around the world.
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