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The Gift of Wings Healing
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From a "Q" Healer Helper Coach,

The Gift of Wings Healing;

Ever since the dawn of humanity, the Creator and the Father in the above empowered every one, with  the Gift of Wings Healing so it will help them come out from Flat and Under World Lands into Upper and Sphere Land for the joy in life and living in the past, present, the now, and in the future. It  is a gift. They said, so be it on earth - "E-eea-uu-i-um."

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"With out using wings from above, a person will fall.".
1. A person is born with Wings of Healing from the law of the Rite of Passage with joy, happiness, health, balance, faith, materialism, wellness, and wholeness can use these say powers any time, any place and any where to make changes in them-self and family in life and living on earth. 
2. Print out this page. In the center of the Wings of Healing in the above print your name. When you are stressed, depressed, guilt, sorrow, fear, for protection, healing, negativity, and not feeling well just keep flapping your invisible Wings of Healing in your inner mind.
Look up and keeping saying with authorty ythese words of powers - "Q-Up-tre-um-ma" in your inner mind powers for changes in life and living. In your mind is a place where your invisible Father and Mother powers of joy are in secret waiting to help you.
 In time and with the inner powers, you will ascend above your problems in your mind, body, soul, and spirit. It may not work at first, but it will work for you as you practice using your Wing of Healing powers and words of power morning, afternoon, evening, and at bedtime. 
3. Make copies of this Wings of Healing web page, and give it to other people.
"Very powerful words, wings, and affirmations for those who believe in them."
Share this web page with others and groups
"In the name of that which Rules the All."
"If a person does not use their invisible Wings and words of power, they lose them."
Angels and spirits have wings, birds and some animals do too. Ask any child about Wings, better yet, ask the child in you about your own Wings.