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  Is the enemy real or an illusion? Do we need a enemy in life? When you look into the mirror, do you see the enemy? Do we create our own enemies in the inside and on the outside of us?

 When you are divided in life and living, do you invite these enemy spirits from the lower dimensions into you and your family?
Are there genetic sinister enemies waiting to default humanity? Does mental and social mismanagement invite these invisible and mutation enemies spirits into life and living?
 Learn how to stop these intruding enemies in this article.
 Don't clam ownership or partnership to these invisible ( enemy ) spirits suggestions from for life and living. 
 The enemies come from and live in chaos, they don't like humans.
 You must rule over these invisible enemies of humanity or these enemies will rule over you.

In some people now, and in the future, mind sets will become extraterritorial, not human.
Since the dawn of humanity, humans has created all kinds enemies by the way they thought, acted, and believe in life and living. It seems in life humans need enemies. Why? The question that has a lot of answers, perhaps more questions than answers. Perhaps, we needs enemies so we don't have to blame ourselves for all our problems.
The question is, are our enemies self made, real or an illusion? Enemies can be created in the above, below, inside, and out side of you. You need four powers to stop these enemies.
Instead of debating who and what are enemies in this article, let's look at some causations 1 to 10 below to help answer and eliminate most enemies in life and living.
   1. If you spend to much money from your pay check, the enemy is over spending.
   2. If you watch to much killing, murder, and other dead material on TV and in the newspapers, the enemy is fear, stress, guilt, remorse, depression and other negative emotions and problems.
   3. If you listen to too many problems of other people, their problems are your enemies.
   4. If you get to involved to much with problems around the world, they are the enemy.
   5. If you quarrel with any one to much, your negative words and relationship will create the enemies between each other.
   6. If you make to many errors and mistakes in life, you create a lot of enemies with - in you.
   7. If you get to involved in other peoples problems, you create even more enemies.
   8. If you have to many negative thoughts, you create the enemy in you. 
   9. If you try to control other people, they think you are the enemy.
  10. Meditation and prayers will help stop the spirit enemies.
Of course, there are real enemies in life that you don't create. However, we create most of our enemies by the way we mental and socially mismanage our mentally, our lives, our home, with family, at work, and other daily activities.
Our wrong thoughts, our actions, deeds and activities, and mismanaged relationships create most enemies in our lives.
Once you start to change your personal and social activities using the above  - 1 to 10, most of your enemies will start to go away. 
When you make changes in life and living you create a Master Nucleus ( extraterrestrial mind ) in your mind to help stop creating enemies.  
Remember, you create most of your bad feeling, and negative emotions in life. The enemies inside and out side of you are waiting for you to default in the way you think, do, and act.
Enemies real or not they want to take your Arrow of Time into darkness and chaotic worlds. 
Don't let people, places, and events create enemies in your life, mind, and your thoughts, and especially in your home. 
You have innate mental powers ( turn them on ) to control and eliminate most of your enemies. 
Remember, enemies look for enemies. Enemies are lost soul trapped in time, space and events in past, present and future in dark dimensions.
Also, beware of the dividers ( turn them off ) who try to control your spirit and your materialist world.
Use your mental-inner ( extraterrestrial ) centers of powers to dissolve, disarm, delete, and send these enemies spirits, and powers back to chaos, darkness, and their Armageddon worlds.
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"Stop looking for enemies, and, they will not find you."
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