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Symbols and Drawings for the Restoration
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Drink of this cup.
The Nazarene.
Bridal Chamber
Knock and the doors will open
Star Gate
The new beginning
The other self
1. Print out and put the Symbols and Drawings in the below  in every room in the home.  Also, in the car and wallet, reduce the size for your wallet. These Symbols and Drawings will automatically start and activate the Restoration process in your home.
Instructions # 1
2. You can one or more of these drawings for meditation, prayers, petitions for the start of your mental exercises.
3. Stare at the symbols and keep saying A-u-ma or A-tre-um the consort or use both for about two minutes. As you repeat word feel the symbols entering your whole body, mind, soul, and spirit.
4. Then, invoke  or petition your own god, goddess, healer, or religionist image or person for your needs and protection.
Please note these instructions are different than the instructions for Super Meditation Words and Powers. See below instructions 2.
( You can create your own super symbols, drawings and spheres )
Personal Invisible Ones Symbols, Drawings and Spheres
Master Restoration Symbol
The Way
In some people now, and in the future, mind sets will become extraterritorial, not human.