Powerful affirmations from Above, Below, Inside, and Outside at the same time.
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Super Life and Living Affirmations
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These collective Personal Multidimensional Affirmations can also be used for any type of meditation or prayers.
These personal affirmations below will effect your conscience, and sub/unconscious mind at the same time.
1. Ma-mor-a =  The morning
With your innate Power Dimensions and Spectrum of Powers you become anew.
2. In-tr ma =  Intruding thoughts
3. Re-so =  Renew
4. Spi-ra-um =  Spirits
5. Ta-fa =  The fall
Simple and powerful affirmations Words of Power in a united personal spectrum.
6. Eo- an-mas =  Errors and mistakes
7. E-go-vam =  Energy vampires
8. Ca-um =  Curses
Do it your way
"Say these above affirmations one or more daily or when needed."
Do you own drawings for your affirmation
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Code Numbers
9. Ta-wa =  The way
10. He-le-um =   Healing
11. Fa-ta-ma =  Faith
12. Re-a-um =  Reactive mind
13. Ho-ma =  Home
14. Fa-me-o =  Family
15. Ev-a-v a =  Evil eye
16.  Me-so =  Me
Below are my own code names and subjects for creating my affirmations.
Last up date 4/22/2017
1. The morning - As I rise to the morning Sun, I give thanks for another day in light, and life. Hail Great Son ( so-um ) and Sun ( sa--na ) who shines on everything in life. With thy Vital Forces and shining energy grant me and others the powers to do what is right in life and living for another day.
2. Intruding thoughts -  Thy ( unseen spirits ) has enter my mind with negative thoughts not of my free will. You do not have no roots in me nor do I have roots in thee.
Thy thoughts are of a lost and dead soul that was hurt in life, and how seeks vengeance in the living worlds. I command thee to go find a place of rest and repose. Clear (Ca-ma ) and empty thee from me.
3. Renew -  Through the Creator, my birth rights and rite of passage in the upper dimensions, I proclaim the rights to renew the true meaning of life and living.
Power of the All in the above and in me, hear me, open up thy Council of Powers and Dimensions, and always fill and renew me in mind, body, soul, and spirit. Grant unto others thy Council of Powers ( Can-s-um )  to see through darkness with light.
6. The fall - Hear me Great Invisible ( Vi-so ) Powers that rules the All, and was before the beginning of the earth. I and like others were born into darkness and chaos not of our free will on earth. Grant us thy dimensions and powers of protection. Help us to escape the chaotic worlds that is in the past, present, now, and the future.
 Let no one keep us in bondage of darkness and chaos. Lift us up in thy dimensions, knowledge, and powers for the true meaning and reasons for life and living on earth.   
4. Spirits -  Hail Great Creator and Vital Forces Spirits in the upper and in my inner world dimensions and spectrums, hear me. Decent (De-sa ) always unto me and others with thy help, image, and powers so I can raise up from darkness and chaos in the world. Grant me and others the true nature of life and living. By day and by night.
7. Home -  Hail Great Spirits of my home, my home is my kingdom. With the might, descend unto my home with thy Council of Light (Cel- so ) and powers of protection. Let no one seen, and unseen danger or unclean spirits stay or have roots in my home by day and by night, Send forth thy great guardians of life and living into my home and family.
5. Healing - Great healing heart from above and in me my hurts and sorrows are many. With thy healing power spectrums always grant me and others thy healing rays to heal from thy heart. Always guide us up towards thy upper living heart ( Ha-ra ) dimensions of thee to enjoy life and living.
9. Children -  Great Spirits of Children, ( Chi-am ) hear me, watch over my children with thy great light and protect them. I have a child in me too, grant I may at times visit the child in me to renew the true meaning in life.
10. Family -  Powers that encircle ( En-so ) the inside and outside my home with thy Light. Grant thy powers of unity, joy, love and piece to people in my home. Guard with thy powers always our believes, faith and way of life and living. 
While you wait for me to add other the Text below, you can learn the Subject Codes in the above. The Subject Codes are short way used after you learn the text in the subject.
Once you learn the above text sentences you can use the Codes as a shot cut instead of reading the text again.
8. Marriage -  Higher dimensions of marriage ( Ma-sis ), hear me, bless my marriage with thy Council of Light and with the true meaning and bondage of my marriage.  Anoint us again in marriage with Light Oil, and Unity in thy Bridal Camber that is in secret. Grant us joy and bondage to each other for life. .
 You can write your own affirmations or add your words to mine.
11. Sleep -  Great forces of Sun, Day, and Light, protect me and family from night and darkness in our dreams until the next day of Sun, Day and Light.
12. Inner / Outer worlds - Hail great Spirits of unity be in me by day and by night.
13. Young / Old -  Hail great powers of time, space and events make the Young and Old be united. 
14. For All People -  My thee see, hear, know true meaning of life and living.
15. The World -  May thee be reborn again in day and night into True Light.
In some people now, and in the future mind sets will become extraterritorial or super human with affirmations.
Include in these affirmations are the unseen spirits and feeling of joy equations.
You can create your own personal codes and subjects Words of Power.
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Drawings for the above affirmations in the future.
16. Materialist and Spirit Worlds  - Be of unity in unity.
17. Protection - Hail Great Spirits the Rule the All protect our .......
Life, Liberty, and the Persuade of Happiness."