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Dear Screenplay and Book Format Seeker, 

Thank you for reading my query letter in your very busy day. Instead of using a lot of words to try to get you interested in my story. Let's go straight to the synopsis and some dialogue in the story for your evaluation.

  Synopsis of the Story

The funny story starts in a very quiet community. The town is known for its serenity, slow pace of living, friendliness, and seldom makes National News.
Outside of fire calls, a few police calls and funerals in town. Nothing much happens in a community that time has forgotten.
The community is about to change when two husbands find out their wives joined a covenant of Witches of Light in the woods. Their husband dress up and play detectives. They follow their wives all over town.
Also in town at the same time is a brewing mob feud with mobsters from New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia. They also follow the husbands that are following their wives.
Local police, FBI, CIA, follow them all around town and they later have a big automobile race out side of town.
After the race, the law enforcement agencies get ready with the military forces to get the mobsters after they fight at the quarry.
Adding to the problems in town at the same time are bikers, crazy people and ghosts in the woods. In the wood is an old Indian Chief who is one hundred and two years old and likes young women in this - One Crazy Week story.

  Some Dialogue

 "Let's get a booth, Fred. You’re not yourself this morning. What's wrong?"
"Dave, my wife and her new friends are driving me to the nut house."
"What's the problem, Fred?"
"You want to order our breakfast special?" the waitress asks.
"We'll have two orders with black coffees," Dave says.
"Fred, tell me your problem."
"Dave, prepare yourself for a shock," he leans over and whispers. "You need to know what's happening to our wives."
"Talk up, what's happened to them, Fred."
"Dave, our wives are witches," he whispers. "It happened last month at the old mansion in the woods."
"Witches! My Alice is a witch!"

Thank you for viewing my story. I look forward working with you in the future.

 Dominic Nocito

About me:
I have written six stories in book and screen play format - I Want My Children Back - Lost at Sea - The Strange Mrs. Morgan - Splits - villa - One Crazy Week - To be Young Again.

You can request by email to me for a copy of the query letters, book and screenplay files for the above stories.

 Stories I am working on are One Crazy Week 2 - Flight To No Where.
I have copyrights on all stories.

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