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Q island murder up date reports
Carol Ann Dougherty , Bristol Pa.
Marise Ann Chiverella  Hazleton, Pa.
Murdered Girls
    This information is the accumulation of Jim & Dominic Nocito's investigation and hundreds of hours talking to police investigators, some suspects, their families and people who knew Carol Ann. and Marise Ann.
You will read information not known to the public, also, facts some people do not want you to know about this senseless murder.
   The question remains, who Murdered Carol Ann; was it a priest? Did a parolee from New Jersey kill her? Did a drunken repair person seen near the church kill her? Did a stranger kill her in the church?
Was there more than one person involved in this murder? Was the motive in the crime? Was it a ritualistic cleaning or a satanic act in the church? Did Carol Ann have an appointment with death? Was there a cover up in this murder, if so, by whom? Did the killers of Carol Ann rape and murder Marise Ann Chivarella 14 months later in Hazleton, Pa?
Q Island Investigative Team notice of intent

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We will continue our investigation.
Silent voices do not solve murders
Up dated Jan 18, 2018