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Personal Visionary New World Order - The Introduction
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9. I will make Changes - Yes (   )  No (   )
Last up date 12/12/18
The text for the Subject matter in the menu will be added after I finished the web page design
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Out of Egypt
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In Secret
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 14 Your plan maker -
"You will enter into the Twilight of Personal Visionary meanings, voices, and words."
You must know the meaning of these Key words of empowerment
Q = Powers not of our earthly world.
Bio = That which is alive.
Q Bio = Inward living.
P Power = Personal matter,
Creative Powers = Innate.
Powers = From the Creator.
Q Dimensions = Unseen.
Q Unity = Wholeness.
Menu Subjects in the above, are subject to change until the final list.
 God = Vital forces, Spirit and Energy.
Source = Bio-Holograms.
Q Energy = Not from food or drink.

We have designed this Personal Visionary web page for people who seek help and answers for live and living problems now and in thhe future, Also, this personal web page for you will help you with your mental mismanagement, mental hang-over, mental storms and other problems in th mind, body, soul, and spirit.

These Personal Bio Subjects in our menu below will not be lengthily text, and, we will not try to convince you to do, say or think anything. 

You have free will in life. The personal visionary Spirits and Vital Forces are in and with you. With our information you decide to change ( reset ) or not to change in your life. You personally have the "keys and Powers" in your inner mind to change what - ever you want to change ( rite of passage ) in life and living.

On this web page, we'll go to the core of personal problems, and, offer possible solutions to these problems of chaos and darkness in the unseen world in and around us.

If you seek personal changes in life and living you are welcome to our Q Healer Helpers web page of information that helps you to do a make-over, and transformation to a better understanding about life and living around you and your family.

Your Personal Visionary  new and original Star Gate "Q" innate powers, true existence, true knowledge, vital forces, true spirits will opens again in the "Now - Future, and your Future in the Now."

Reactive mind
Our web page is 90 % completed
Q beginning = Original.
Select the Number and Subject below, than scroll down the page to the number on the side of this page.
Sphere Land
The Personal Visionary Journey begins ......
 15. Place -
 16. Dimensions -
The Way
 17. Your personal  rituals.
"Q" I Hosting Visionary Mltidimensional for Life and Living
Garment of Light

                                A Voice from your Personal Visionary Dimensions
When I write in the this web page in the future, these words are from a "Q" source to you.
These personal  unseen vital forces, spirits, and powers "add" to your present powers in life and living, "not" take away any powers from you.
With these future articles, you'll build a stronger personal structure for the future for you and your family. In the future, we will teach you how to filter-out these unwanted intruders in your life and living.

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 Q Confession = In the House of Light.
 Rite of Passage = Upper world living.
 Another World = In the Above.
 A Voice = From Egypt and the Nazarene
 Our Father's House = In Egypt.
 The Lord = From Egypt.
 Jesus's Heaven = Our Inner Home
 Q Alter State = For healing and knowing.
 Prayer and Meditation = To the true Source.
 Kingdom of Heaven = In you / outside of you.
 Twilight = Other Dimension with in you.
 Perishable = Outer world.
 New World Order = Decent / Ascension.
 Q New Age
Time -line
Collective Rebirth
 18. Your Visionary Zones.
Soon we will have a web page and group called, "Q" Visionary Healer Helpers Coach Group. Interested in becoming a QVHHC.
 Q Pharaoh = You.