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Personal Super Drawings and Initiation
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Into and through the Bio-Star Gates
Initiation into the Multidimensional Dimensions

These personal Super Drawings and Initiation are highly ritualized from forces and powers in secret. These drawings and initiation is for personal use, and for a person's family.
Also, these personal healing and restoration codes activities in secret the "Q" Galactic or Holistic mind.
The intent of these drawings and initiation is to up hold the true and living principles for life and living of  the Creator's will, the upper worlds, and other vital forces in the upper time, space, and events continuum. So be it. Amen.

Thought the living spirits, authorities, forces, spirits, and powers of the "Q" Higher Mental Multidimensional worlds I so do initiate any person who believes in their powers in the upper spectrum of and in the Galactic and Holistic mind.
This web page is for seekers who seeks the living and true meaning of life and living by day and by night. Amen.   
While you wait for me to complete the Super Drawings and Initiations. You can practice constantly repeating your initiation words ( "Q ma tre um, Hail Maat powers ) in the morning in bed, in the afternoon, evening, and bed time.
These words open powers in, with, and for your meditation, affirmation, healing, protection, to change your life, summons, forces, home, travel, family, powers, and  prayers. The initiation words can be used by any religions and people.
Say, "Q ma tre um, Maat," close your eyes and mental draw a circle around you. Now, look up for a few minutes with your eyes closed, then, visualize you are being raised up.
You can also raise up your arms at the same time. Also, visualize an arrow is coming out of the back of your head, than, see it in front of you, than watch it go down to your feet around them, and go into your lower spine.
Only use your initiated words and exercise sitting in a chair, lying on a floor or in bed.
You must practice with you initiation words at least three or four times a day.
Tell others what you are doing and the results. They have to come to this web page to be initiated.
Say, "Q ma tre um, Hail Maat Powers ," than rub your two hand together for a minute, open, than visualize the new earth in your hands. Feel your self going into the new earth.
If you want to be initiated in the Master Initiation say, "Q um mas in na, Maat," say it ten times.
Say, "Q ma tre um, Hail  Maat Powers," when you have unwanted intruding images, voices and thought. Repeat the initiation words over and over again. Then, say Clear. Repeat exercise if necessary
Say, "Q ma tre un, Hail Maat Powers," to clear and clean your energy center in your mind and body, repeat the initiation words over and over again, than say clear. Repeat exercise if necessary.
"Q" Exercises
"Q" Exercises
Print out this web page for future reading
Other "Q" Initiation, Exercises and Powers
1. Home = hom ic-e -us
2. Travel = tra- vie - um
By the living Words, their Spirits and Images, and in Them, through Them, by Them and with Them, I request help. Amen.
3. Children = chil-ma - so
4. Marriage =mar -go - ti
5. Work = wor - com -mo
6. Relationships = rel - a - so - ma
7. Dreams = dre -so - to
8. Stress = str - a mo - sis
9. Faith = fa - a -th
10. Sleep = slee - thi - oos
11. Shopping = sho - um -ta
Please note with each exercise I use the word Maat. You don't have to use this word power. You can use the name like Jesus, Buddha, Blessed Mother, a Saint name, a Angle, Spirit, or any word that is a power image.
Do these exercises In Secret, and in the Spirit inside your "Q" mind
Say these words below before you start your exorcizes
Hail Powers of
12.  Meditation = med - te - um
13. Personal = Per-so-trum
14. Mental = Men-is-sis
15. Social = So-so-tis
16. Soul = So-u-isi
17. Spirit = Sp-i-to mis
18. Body = Bod-a-um
The 5 Seals
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Upper Aeonic Beings
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In the Halls of Amenti for Health and Healing in the Edfu Temple.

Print out this page and put copies into every room in your house
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Integrate Hologram for Life and Living in the year 2020
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