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1. Living more in the Spirit  

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2. On the wings of the future. 
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3. Why a person is born.  
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If you ask people what is Spirit, you'll get all kind of answers. When a person looks into a mirror they see only their physical image. If they look closer at them self in the mirror their state of consciousness will change. If they look even closer in their mind's eye they experience positive loving Spirits of light in them. Than, they will know of the creator's loving invisible spirits in them.
I'm not talking about spirituality, but the Living loving Spirits and light of the invisible Ones in them before they was born.

From birth people have a personal living loving relationship with the Spirits. The Creator created spirits, energy, matter, light and united them in people.
The creator made true spirits in matter and true matter into spirits and put them into peoples genes in secret. This was done to insure a person has a double nucleus to enjoy life, living, and unity.
A person must use the true spirits and light in life and living every day to keep the them active, if not, powers die.
A car, house, furniture, cloths, and other materialistic objects are gifts with the true spirits in them, and these things are not perishable. They are immortal, innate, in secret. The true Spirits help you rules over all time, space and events in life. 
Materialism is important, but with-out love Spirts in it, it is incomplete. If a person don't balance true spirits in your physical world, they will invite chaos, darkness, and a lot of unnecessary problems in your life.
Not using the true Spirits of light and love could cause a persons Arrow of Time and dimensions to start going into a mental Armageddon in life. 
Flesh and blood without true Spirits of light in it, inherit nothing, only that which is dead.
Beware of the dividers who will try to destroy your spirits, family and materialist worlds.
Make daily visits to your invisible loving inner Spirits in your inner mind. Start to look a people, places, and objects through the creator's loving eyes. The creator did not create depression, fear, guilt, sin, hell, shame, lower god and goddess - some lower humans or lower forces did. 
Invoke, use, and thinks more from the Living loving Spirits mind's eye's point of view of people and events around them. When a person does this, they will see and enjoy life more on the out side and inside of their worlds.
Let your world become true Spirit + Matter + Light in a loop thought process, and it will united your world in the upper world of existence.
Spirit without matter, and matter without true spirit = nothing. You can not love your self nor anyone, life, living with out loving Spirits. Matter can not love a person only True Spirit + True Matter can love.  
 Loving Spirits gives life to matter, and matter gives life to spirit in a double nucleus to stabilize life.  In this unity of Spirit + Matter + Energy + lights a invisible marriage is in secret in a person. 
If you live more in the spirits of light, it will take you back to joyful place, events, and worlds you have long forgotten.
The true Spirits Life and Light can renew, repair, rebuild your self worth, image, marriage, relationships, and your home if you invoke them in your life.

1. Tell your wife or husband and children or that special personal in life, you love them in the spirits -- what their reactions.
2. Each morning and evening tell yours self to love your self in the spirits -- you'll feel the changes in you.
3. No matter what you do daily include the true spirits in your activities.
4. When you think of any one, include the Spirit of Love, and Protection for them.
Hail Spi-a-e-um Powers
Before you do the exercises below, say the below word 3 times.
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5. When you look into the mirror, always remind your self that you are more than just a body - You are also a living loving Spirit.
In the future

3. Why a person is born.  The real reason you were born is that the Creator Will it to be so in his earth-paradise, not some dead planet in the universe.
   Also, you were born to witness, and enjoy the Creator's inner and upper worlds ( cycles ) in and all around you every day. You are a reflection of his mind, image, body, soul and spirit powers. You have inherited at birth ( rite of passage ) his living and loving upper kingdom, not the lower animal kingdom worlds of creation.
   It is through your parents, the creator acted to insure you will be born in his living earth-world, his image, likeness, and with his powers to enjoy life and living. Through your mother's body and genes ( birth rights )the creator implanted male and female spirits guides, light, mind, body, soul, spirit, consorts, and comforters to help you be in his likeness, and know about his creation.   
   Look around his world with your inner mind to see the Creator's signature in every shape and objects, including you. You are in his kingdom and domain. You don't have to live too much in the outer world of darkness, and chaos mostly created by man and woman who has forgotten the truth about life and living, and lost sight of the original Creator in them. 
   Too often humans try to take credit for life, living and creation. You often hear people say," He invented this, and that. She created, this and that, they made, this and that." It's Wrong. We should say that we are co-create with the Creator Will on earth. Even our materialist ( gifts ) world comes from him through us, and other people. 
   Most people don't give enough thanks and daily credit to the upper Creator for what we are, and have in life. That is why people have so many problems in life -- they give too much thanks to the wrong ( lower cycle ) creator and powers. 
   Even our minds and earth consciousness is the Will of the upper Creator, it is not from humans or animal nature. Light humans ( not monkey descendents ) are the expression, recipient and structure of the Creator's inner and higher powers in motion.
   All thing in life come from our loving Creator, his equation is, spirit + matter + you = You and the inner and upper ( immortal ) Creator are one. He is a personal Creator, not a outer world ( perishable ) creator.
   At birth, we have received his master plan for life and living on his earth from him and it is in and round us.
   People need to be careful of others of the lower creation they will try to lead you a-stray ( the fall ) from your original / innate powers you have for the living and loving Creator.
   Wrong information and spirits about creation will divide you and your family.
   Remember, that which is divided will fall. It will also start to invite chaos and mental and physical Armageddon in the lower worlds in and around you. It also will start to send your Arrow of Time towards hell.
   So be Beware of the negative and divided spirit powers ( lower worlds ) in your world that is after you.
   Keep in mind, the Creator created all atom, nucleus, energy, hope, love, faith, grace, marriage, relationship, and other living and vital forces that make up our physical and mental worlds. Without these creative forces and meanings for life and living on earth, earth would be almost lifeless. 
   Using the inner and upper creator's mind in us, we witness his upper worlds of creation on earth. His equation in life is, Creation + Knowledge + Man + Women =  Life in Motion. 
   Also keep in mind, earthly fear, guilty, depression and other negative emotions ( lower worlds ) are man and woman made, turn it off. The Creator created ( upper worlds ) joy, wonder, delight and other positive emotions on earth, turn it on
   Always look around your world with your inner / innate mind, body, eyes, soul, spirit, and ears. Then, you'll see that which is in-secret in the invisible world of matter, spirit and creation around you. 
   From your busy day, take time to give thanks to the loving Creator and his creative powers in you. Maybe than, we wouldn't have so many problems in life and living. Be a co-creator in life and living with him, not a de-creator in the outer and lower worlds.
   When you go to bed, thank the loving Creator, and your self ( co-creator ) for every thing in life. In the morning do the same, then, most of your human problems will start to go away.
   Choose very careful what powers you use for life and living for you, and your family, if not, it could be costly in the end.

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