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Every since the dawn of humanity people used their hands, spirit and mind to heal others.
You can choose a Healer from our group for your healing requests and needs.
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If you are a Healer, you don't need to live in New Jersey. Nor do you need to be a healer to join our meet up group.
In the future, I will create a working relationship with other healing meet up groups.
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                                                 Holistic Way of Healing“

Thought out the history of humanity there has been many prophets, preachers, churches, and religions. Often, they have different ideas who, what is faith, where and who is god, or the creator. To often, they were in conflict with each other for some reason or another about faith in life and living.
However, they all had one thing in common, they used their hands, voices, spirit and mind to help start the healing process in others.
The question often asked, what is holistic healing? In its simplest form, it is the transferring of natural healing of bio-energy and vital forces from one source to other source or person.
Have you noticed when a person or children is sick, you touch them, or say something of hope, they often say, “I feel better.” With your actions you helped start the physical and mental healing process in them.
When your hug or kiss some one, you are releasing bio-energy and vital forces in them to help start their mental and physical healing.
Have you noticed how your pet reacts when you touch them with your loving hands.
Healing with the hands, mind, and spirit are more than just words, it is gifts you were born with to help others.
We are all healer, some of us use the powers more and more often than others. Holistic bio-energy and vital forces in our hands, mind, body, and spirit travel into the mind, body, soul and spirit of others.
I’m sure you can recall a few instance in life how your hands, voice, and emotions helped others start to heal.
If you, your group, organization, and church need or have interest or want for information about our healing processes, our group, lectures, coaching and our Holistic Healers , please contact us.

The future in life and living to be happier for you and your family is in "your hands."

Our meet up group is - Temples of Light Healing Group