The "Q" material will change how you think and process life and living.
New Age Drawings and Empowerment
We are coming to end of old world configuration for thinking and healing.
Healing is in a future process and in a multidimensional spectrum.
You will not be the same person after see, and use these super drawings, and know the rite of passage for empowerment in you.
My dreams and closed eyes visions for this web page started yesterday April 16, 2016
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On the morning of April 16, 2016 after a restless night sleeping, I woke up at 7 o' clock. I look at the clock on end table, I over sleep I said. I hurried and take a shower and made some thing to eat.
As I sip my coffee, I look at the morning sun coming in the window, I'll go sit and read in my yard, I thought. I got my books, note pad, and went in my yard.
As I put my book on the table, I looked at my garden. I take the weeds out of my garden every day weather permitting. I love my garden. I know all my plants, and they know me.
As I sit at the table in the yard, I think of all the months of trying to design super drawings of empowerment for the sub / unconscious mind so people can mentally use them to live better and be happier using the drawings and powers. Discussed, I said, " I give up trying to design these special drawings,"
Mad at my self for trying, I looked up at the sun, and then closed my eyes. Suddenly, the sun's after image in my eyes got bigger and brighter. It was like my whole body was being filled with the sun's rays.
I opened my eyes and looked around my yard. Nothing in my yard seen real, I felt like I was going into another time dimension.
My hands reached for my pencil and note book. It was like I has no control over what was happening to me, and just watched my hands move.
A woman's voice in my mind asked me what type of drawings I needed. As I told her, my hand started drawing the image. I keep doing drawing after drawing in some timeless dimension, then suddenly, I stopped. In my yard every thing started to come back to normal. I barely remember doing the drawings. I looked at the pages of all my drawings. I know these drawings were very powerful, and not of this world. "People needed to use the powers in them to live better in life," I thought
A voice in my mind said, I needed to complete these drawings. The voice also said it will tell me when it is time to put these drawings on my web site.
I'm still working on the final drawings, and hope to put them on my web site soon.
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This information is for all people of all ages around the world.
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