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Flow of the story
His apartment
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His other self
He changes
Intoxicated, with the past, Jeff reads the brass plate, "Mr. Jeff Moyer, The Most Outstanding Baseball Player of the Year, Springfield High School 1906."
"I was so young," he mumbles. "That was the year; I met my wife Barbara."
Engulfed, in the time warp of the past. The thunder rumbles and the lightning flickers.
"I hate being old," he yells. "I want to be young again!"
Startled, he looks up.
"We are from darkness. We are here to grant you your wish, Jeff," the demon spirits whisper. "It's our time and your time to be together."
"Yes! Yes great spirits! I'm ready to be young again! Do it now!"
Quickly, the gory spirits enter Jeff's body. "Do it to me! Make me young again!"