Man on a ledge
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Where did they go

Fred birthday party
Car race
Indian Chief
Tell me your problem, Fred."
"Dave, prepare your self for a shock," he leans and whispers. "You need to know what's happening to our wives."
"Talk up, what's happened to them."
"Our wives are witches," he whispers. "It happened last month at the old mansion."
"Witches! My Alice is a witch, Fred!"
"Keep your voice down, someone will hear you."
"The mob war will make National News, Big Howard."
"Try International News."
"It's like old times."
"Big Al, those were the days with Elliot Ness, Capone, and those great mobsters."
"What about the police, FBI and CIA in the area, Big Howard?"
"That's your problem, Big Al."

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