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Creator / organizer of the meet up group - Life Coaching Meet Up Group of North Wildwood New Jersey and Life and Transformation Coaching Services.
Visit my meet up group, type in the search box - Life Coaching Meet Up Group of North Wildwood, New Jersey. You don't need to live in New Jersey to become a member. As a member, you will receive information and exercises to do to enhance your abilities for life and living. Visit us today!
Life Coaching Certification U.C.I.
Dominic Nocito C.T. Reiki Masters Degree
Last up date 11/1/2014
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"It is a mental tune-up."
"If you want positive changes in life."
"To build better relationships with others."
"Life with-out changes or hope."
"High standard of coaching."
"You choose."
Book mark this page for future information. Tell people with  problems about this our coaching services.
Transformational Coaching Certification U.C.I. -- pending
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"You will be transformed in the now, and the future."
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"It empowers you in life."
"Ask the powers in your mind, body, spirit and soul for answers."
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Inner Galactic Coaching around the world
When you order our coaching services, we will send you forms to fill out before our Mini and Phone coaching sessions.
Author - My stories are on my home page on this web site. 

 Life and Transformation coaching is a process were you regain your abilities to reclaim and reconstruct your worldly and innate powers for life and living. This personal process we will help and guide you to take control of life again. In our coaching process. You will create a new mental tool boxes, and powers to fix problems.
 With our expert advice and coaching, you will re-activate your lost powers and help you correct your mental mismanagement of 
powers in your past. Also help you to renew your mind sets, mind mapping and personal reconfiguration and alinement of your life, living, mind, body, soul and spirit spectrum maps. 
 Our coaching experts will also give you personal new mental tools for your old tool box. Also our coaches will personally help and guide you towards integrative life and living in life. We will help and guide you towards these dimensions. Our personal coaching is a personal matter with you.
 We look forward in the future to help and guide you and your family with our Mini and Phone coaching services. 

What is Life and Transformation Personal Coaching
"Our coaches are more than a coach, they are your friend."
"People we coach, will coach others with the knowledge we coached them."
In the future, we are just a
call a way
"Welcome to our life coaching center."
"Thank you for visiting our web site, visit us again."
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We will be one of the best Life Coaching Services on the Internet."
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Taken Life and Transformation Coaching to higher levels."
You can now sign up your email with us for our News Letter and other information on our coaching services.On our home page on Q Island Store on the right hand side of the page there is a box to enter your email address Use the link below to get to the store.

   A lot of people have contracted us asking when will our coaching services be ready for people to use. There is still a lot of worked needed to design the Mini and Phone sessions.
We don't want people to waste their time and money on something that does not work very well nor long lasting results ( other coaching systems ) for them. We want a lot of results for people in our coaching sessions.
  We are now designing special and powerful text, drawings, mind maps, graphs, charts, affirmations and other material that will work well, and have lasting effects for people in our coaching sessions Keep in mind, changing life, living, and healing is a personal matter.

Keep in mind, with problems you can not use the same cognition process to make changes that are in the that same mental cognition level and zones, you need to go into an alter mental cognition process.
Why people need our coaching services.
4. Re-alinement
1. Holistic Mental Exercises
2. Powers and Energy
3. Marriage and Relationships
6. Extraterrestrial
7. Symbols
8. Auto-tons
5. Healing / get out of
9. Super Faith 
10 Cursed
11. Make Over
12. Q Rituals
13. Grouping
14. Male and Female
15. Hieroglyphics
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Our coaching services 1. Mini email coaching sessions   2. Phone coaching sessions.  3. Membership.
Clients receive initiation, intent, empowerment, and completion certifications for each coaching sessions.
We help people stabilize their worlds, gain control of their lives and personal worlds, get out of the chaotic worlds, stop the fall, not be a pawn in the outer world, enjoy life better, reduce stress and distress and build better relationships with others.
Some of our codes in our sessions, Hom-ot-a, Per-so-tus, Chli-re-us, Pro-to-tis, My-mo-so, Lev-vo-mus and other codes. We will teach people how to write their own codes, drawings and languages for life and living.
Mind maps
Thinking maps
Holistic maps
Personal Mind maps
Super Bio Mental Mapping Powers
All above links include
Reconstruction of life
Make over process

Natural Heka and Hekau 

Most people have this innate powers in them.