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Inner Holistic Mini Coaching Sessions
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Powerful Personal Email Coaching Packages
You send us a weekly progress reports on your progress.
Mini phone coaching sessions for help with be available.
Wave writing.
Circle writing
Stop go writing
Direction writing
Dimensional writing
Problem box
Group agents
More information and details will be explained to you after you order our personal mini coaching service.
"Helping you to coach your self."
Our mission is to personally coach and guide people towards solving their problem, issues, goals, passions, and to help heal them.
From us easy instruction to follow.
Some Mental tools and Exercises in our mini coaching sessions
Mental med's
We estimate one mini email coaching package is equal to over five hour of phone coaching.
  In our mini coaching personal sessions, we help people re-discover their strengths, ability, desires, passions, goals, and their innate powers for life and living.   
  Also help them rekindle the joys of life and living, they had years ago.
  Our mini coaching is a action tool, if a person thinks they are starting to have problems, then, it's time for coaching. So the problems won't get any worse or create a foundation in them.
   Remember the old saying,"a once of prevention, is worth a pound of cure."
If you don't do any thing about your problems, and issues, they will never change nor will you."
Learn of upper world living with our coaching
Get Coaching Certification on Subjects Coached to You
Some super drawings used in your sessions
Some super lanuguges used in your sessions
Some super symbols used in your sessions
Some super images used in your sessions
Please note the super drawings / information are completed, but not shown on this web page. They will be included in Mini and Phone coaching sessions. Also included are holistic mental exercise, charts, tool box's and other information.
Mind maps
Thinking maps
Holistic maps
Super Bio Mental Mapping
We teach you easy mind mapping for your problems and to make changes in life and living in each sessions with you.