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The Galactic Spirits in the Year 2015
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 I speak to some people from and through the Above, the Spirits, and the Thought that exited before the earth was formed and the early events of humans on earth.
 I speak in all tongues and languages in truth of that which is in the hearts and minds of people who have forgotten their powers in their holistic mind. 

Most people were born with the Holistic Centers in them
Inside the Holistic Mind and Inner Community people will have different realities of time, space, and events not of the lower earthly world. Also different physics, chemistry, DNA, spirits, and images.

In some where in the past, humans called out from their darkness ( male ) and chaos ( female ) worlds to the light in the sky above them for help.
In a flash of lighting from the sky, the powers gave them conscience, innate powers, new energy, and light to witness the vital forces of the living and loving creator from the above dimensions.  
At the same time the creative powers gave humans the powers and abilities to rise above their entrapment from their animal nature, and original birth place in darkness and chaos that their parents have been entrapped in for millions of years.
 The invisible powers raised them, and made male and female one, and united them in the above dimensions of time, space, and events. The powers also anointed, created, and initiated them in secret to the Inner Holistic Mind and Community.
A voice in the sky warned them that with their new freedom, innate powers comes the responsible to continue the Creator's Will in them, for their child and for the future generations.
Another voice in them warned that the under worlds of darkness and chaos wanted them back in the below, It was and will wait for them to default, to be divided or go against the upper living dimensions in the world. 
Now, these warnings echo again in the world. Those of you that can hear, listen. Those of you that can  see, see. Those of you that can think, think. This only happens in your inner and upper Holistic mind, body, soul, and spirit dimensions, it is the make over of events and renew life again community. It has Star Gates, Gate Ways and Port Ways to the beginning of joy, happiness, hope, and other loving spirits -  Paradise was created in them.
These multidimensional upper spectrum, birth rights, and rite of passage is not found in the lower human entrapments and activities in their perishable worlds and dimensions.
A person should be very careful what they say, read, watch on TV, listen to, believe what other people tell them, and what they think, it could be very costly in the end, what ever a person sow they harvest. Amen.

Initiation into the Multidimensional Natural Healing
Ritual into and for Multidimensional Natural Healing
Behold the end of the age, and the beginning of the New Age
"This knowledge, web site and pages, and powers is for some people to unite their true spirits, and their materialist world together."
Holistic Empowerment
Intro Anointed
Inner Holistic Bridal Chamber
"In the year 2015 the earth will slowly start to split into upper  ( invisible ) and lower ( visible ) worlds forming two earths. Also create a middle third invisible world order called, The Nazarene World Center. "
"A person should do one thing that makes them happy every day."
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5th Dimension
Most humans think that there is no forces and powers above them  to help them on earth They are in default in their thinking. They don't realize they are co-creators from above powers, light, and dimensions. Humans were created immortal and to witness the upper meanings of creation.
They were born into perishability, darkness, and chaos below in the world. This chaotic principles says, "You are this, you have to do this, men and women are not the same, you are sinner, your body is evil, you are evil, and what you should think. Also says, you are divided and we will save you." The spirits of perishability, darkness, and chaos wants to strip people of their birth right forces and powers, and the rite of passage to / from the above creator's powers for life and living on earth.
Earth is a paradise if your are looking up, and going up into the meanings of life, and darkness and chaotic if you are looking down and going down into the meanings of life. 
Just look around at the creator's earthly design and signatures. As we look around at the trees of apples, plums, grapes and other fruit on other trees. The fruit grown and produce again, and again - it is the creator will. Darkness and chaos has no power of what the creator planted on earth, including us.
Look at your vegetable or flower garden, we see the same signature of the creator's will and it is not control by chaotic forces. The under worlds forces have only the powers you give them. Don't blame them for your mismanagement in your life and living.
Now, look at your self in the mirror, yes, you are creator's greatest creation, He endowed you with his powers, love, his image, his spirit and to be a guardian of his creation on earth. Why would any one want to be under the control of perishability, darkness or chaos, when can rule from above on earth.
You have been given free will to say no to the forces in the lower worlds.
Most, if not all, human problems are associated power mental mismanagement of forces and powers in them.
 Which one of you who are given food and drink from above than turn it into stone. Which one of you that looks into a child's eyes and does not see themselves. Which one of you that will sacrifice your husband, wife, and children for things that are perishable in the world.
Which one of you would say, "I love you," and not know that their true love is from above and united. Which one of you who preach's Faith, the Nazarene and his Living Father from above, and does not know him or his will on earth.  
Greater are those who seek the truth in life and living, they will not experance death in the lower words.
Thinking in thoughts
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Introduction # 2
See the other Introduction # 2 below
Human were born into perishability, darkness and chaos. Two thousand years age a savor of mankind and womenkind was born, The Nazarene, his birth, his teaching and powers of this Father created an inner world in our world that contained new time, space and event. The under worlds people, vanpiers, flesh eaters, and mutation spirits in the lower worlds can not enter nor control people in upper dimensions.
In order for people to enter into these invisible new dimensions ( The Nazarene World Center ) the need to have a make over, reconstruction, and alinement of their inner forces and powers in a Spirit spectrum in their Holistic Mind. 
Before human created gods and goddess, there was invisible forces and powers that ruled over the earth. Human from their gods and goddess created prayers and rituals that was  ... to be continued
The Holistic Way
All Holistic drawings and rituals are for health, relationship, home, garden, job, personal needs, children, old age, future, faith, integrated living, and other areas in life and living.