Carol Ann Dougherty -  Bristol, Pa.
Marise Ann Chiverella - Hazleton, Pa.

    In the year 1962 in Bristol, Pa., I was an aux-police officer, private detective, and investigative writer. Our group investigated your murder cases. From 1962 to 1999, we investigated and followed many leads. Now, in  2010, we are opening up a full investigation into your murders. We  and the police need your help to get the police to re-open your case, and get the killers of the love-one taken from you. Some of the suspects in the murders of the two little girls are still alive. The others, who are died are in a place worse than hell. For people who did not, and has not yet come forth with information you will be haunted in this world and next.
    Do not be deceived by people who say your murder case can not be solved, it is too old to be solved, or you should not help Q Island Investigative Team. Murderers love silent voices and love people who do not help solve murders. Murderers, their co-conspirators, do not want these murder cases solved.

    We appeal to you for assistance to probe deeper, seek and evaluate evidence, and other necessary information to re-open your murder case. These murders can be solved!  


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A poem I wrote for Carol Ann years ago
Carol Ann story
We continue our active investigation into the two little girls murdered.   "Silence Voices Do Not Solve Murders." . 
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Last up date Jan 18, 2018
"Silent voices do not solve murders."
Contact the police or us with information about these murders.