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1. The Four Of You
2. The Ark
3. The Other Earth
4. Why You Were Born
5. Time  Space  Events
6. Curses Spells Hexes
7. New Adam and Eve
8. Wings of the Future
9. Other People's Problems
10. The Enemy
11. Food for Thought
12. Who Are You
13. The Way
14. Entrapment
15. The Arrow of time
16. Being Divided
17. Where are You
18. Who Are You
19. Life and Living
20. Power Dimensions
21. Involution Powers
22. No Default
23. Healing Symbols
24. The New Harvest
25. Spring Equinox
26 Cosmic Emanation
27. Mental Armageddon
28. Super Drawings
29. Super Rituals
30. The New You
With most articles text, you will receive drawings, mind maps, affirmations, symbols, and equations to integrate with the article.
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Some of the below information and subjects will be taught and used in text, content, symbols, drawings, mind maps, affirmations, equations, and mental holistic exercises.
What our client's will learn and use in our Galactic coaching sessions
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Where is the past, present, now and the future.
Not to live in perishability.
It is all vital forces, spirit and energy.
Illusions in life.
Where are the extra dimensions in life.
Collective living.
What direction to go.
Time travel.
Where is the above, below, inside and outside.
Turn on, turn off switches.
The center of you.
Where is your child, teenager, and adult in you.
World you wake up in the morning.
Are you immortal.
Dis - ease
Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Dream travel.
Who is your other half.
Your real parents.
Simple powers.
Group mind mapping.
Mind travel.
Have you seen me.
Time in time, space in space, events in events.
Stop the fall.
Knock and the dimensions will open.
Clock dimensions.
Where is the beginning ...  the end
Follow the yellow brick road.
Where is the master map maker.
On the way to Cape May I fell in love.
Put on the mental brakes.
What day, time and year is it.
Spirits in and around us.
Where are you in time, space, and events. 
Memory lane dimensions.
5 th dimension mind mapping
Into mind mapping
Creative mind-sets
Mystic mind mapping
Personal transformation